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This interactive map shows a route of regreening

Educating the local communities with a movie!

We are traveling around Dodoma, visiting three villages a day – hundreds in total – to show our video about different regreening methods: “Kisiki Hai II“. Do you see the jeep icons on the map? Imagine that the whole village comes together right there to educate each other about regreening and to dance and sing for rain and a green future. And when it is getting dark, they gather around a cinema screen (attached to the jeep!) to watch the movie on how to regreen their land.


Kisiki Hai ll

Watch the same movie as the farmers

After a successful first movie (that reached 324 villages and about 200,000 people in the Dodoma region in Tanzania), it’s time for a follow-up! We’re going back to the villages in Dodoma with a new road show. In Kisiki Hai l  we introduced the farmers to the regreening technique Kisiki Hai (translated from Swahili: living stump), in the second part a clear sequel in which we go deeper into the techniques and where we can already show the first success stories. Farmers learn the 4 steps of Kisiki Hai (from stump to tree) and get an introduction to a new regreening technique: Fanya Juu & Fanya Chini: How to dig contours on your farm, which will prevent soil erosion and improve water availability for plants in the farms.


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