By making a donation, you invest in a healthier planet. Your donation also helps us to improve water- and food security, biodiversity, the regional economy and the livelihoods of many.


Invest in your own piece of green: Buy as many bunds as you like through our regreening platform. Once your bund has been dug, you will receive a unique picture of your very own bund.

Taking a picture of the bund

What is the best gift of all? That’s right: a healthy planet! Read more on how you can give a donation as a gift to your loved ones and directly invest in a cooler planet.


There are plenty of ways to raise funds for us in an original way, and have a blast while doing it! Here you find some fun and practical ideas that help you get started.

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Like what we do? (Re)post our message of hope. Questions or input? Let’s get in touch.

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Do you want to regreen your own land? We can give you a hand. Our range of materials (instruction videos, how-to-regreen animations and more) can help get you started.  

Shovel in green bund

Watch our Rainmakers documentaries or Kisiki-hai films to learn how and why we regreen. You also get to see the real impact we have made with our work so far.

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Did you know regreening is pretty easy? It is mostly a matter of picking the right technique for the right type of land. Learn all about the different techniques we use to make dry land green again.

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