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You just donated to Justdiggit.

We’re a climate organisation that is on a mission to regreen Africa by restoring dry, degraded land.
Restoring vegetation is not only key to bringing down rising global temperatures, by doing so we also make a positive impact on nature, wildlife and people. Win-win-win.

Why bring back trees?

Every year, millions of hectares of forest are lost. Bad news, because plants and trees are the air conditioning of our planet. They remove carbon from the air and keep the Earth cool. Also, regreening and restoring degraded land positively impacts water and food security, biodiversity, and creates a better life for millions of people and animals. So, what we need to do, is to bring back nature. Together!
Kisiki hai before and after


The tree you just created raises awareness for Treecovery, also called Kisiki Hai in Swahili. Kisiki Hai means ‘Living tree stump’ and is a technique we use to regrow trees and support new sprouts to grow big. There used to be many trees in Sub-Saharan Africa. Most of them have been cut down in the past for firewood, timber or to make room for agriculture. With Kisiki Hai, the stumps get the chance to re-grow into real trees again rapidly.
1. Trees have a better chance of survival than newly planted trees, as their root system is wrong and reaches the water deep down in the soil.
2. Trees help to retain water in the soil, which leads to increased water and food security for local communities.
3. Trees absorb Co2, which has a positive impact on the climate.
With your donation, you contribute directly to Justdiggit’s regreening work in Africa and bringing back trees through Treecovery.

About Justdiggit

We are Justdiggit. Here to show the world solutions to regreening degraded land and bringing back vegetation. We are on a mission to regreen Africa in the coming years. And to cool down the planet. Together with millions of farmers, and YOU. We inspire and mobilize African farmers to regreen their own land via landscape restoration techniques. Together, we already regenerated 10 million trees! Together with YOUR support and the power of nature, we can make a serious impact on biodiversity, communities, and the climate.

Introducing our partner: Doneasy

To inspire you today, we teamed up with Doneasy, an interactive and engaging payment and donation solution. It allows the public to explore the world of charities. And encourages passersby to donate on the spot. Doneasy supports us by offering their creativity and knowledge to our regreening mission.
Justdiggit and Doneasy prioritize the transparency of your donations. 100% of your donations go to Justdiggit and our regreening projects.

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