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Action speaks louder than words. Our shovel stands for action instead of more debate in the global drought and climate change discussion.

Our movement, through its campaigns, invites the world to pick up the green shovel and combat climate change. We offer an on and offline platform for consumers, schools, artists and companies to shake the status quo and inspire the world to take action now.

Join Desmond Tutu, André Kuipers and Floortje Dessing in our green revolution and help create awareness or funds for the projects that Justdiggit is developing. Become an ambassador yourself.



Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has been fighting for equal human rights for many years. For his efforts against apartheid, he received the Nobel Peace Prize. He is the patron and tireless ambassador for Justdiggit.


André Kuipers

Dutch Astronaut André Kuipers saw the beauty ánd vulnerability of our planet from space. The realization that a sustainable future is something we can only create by protecting the limited natural resources on Earth, led him to support Justdiggit.


Floortje Dessing

She has seen the beauty of planet Earth in many different places, as TV host Floortje Dessing travelled the world to show beautiful destinations everywhere for her shows. During these trips, she noticed that some parts of the world clearly degrade. Floortje supports Naga and its campaign Justdiggit to stop the decay of these areas and to see them blossom for future generations.


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