If we can warm up the earth, we can also cool it down.


Greener land makes a cooler planet

Vegetation is the air conditioning of our planet

What if we told you we can re-green twice the size of Europe and provide water, food, biodiversity and a better life for millions of people and species?

Justdiggit makes dry land green again by capturing rainwater and introducing sustainable agriculture to create healthy ecosystems. Because healthy economies require healthy ecosystems. Now and in the future. Can you dig it?


Landscape restoration

Water, soil and climate: the Hydrologic Corridor

Our approach to restore land is called the Hydrologic Corridor. It starts with the principle that our earth can be restored with a little kickstart from human interventions on land. Our programs influence the regional climate by capturing CO2, reducing local temperature and creating local rains.

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Step 1 Dig and open up the soil

Prevent soil erosion

In dry areas, the soil is degraded and rainwater can no longer infiltrate into the ground. It evaporates or causes erosion and flooding and washes away the remaining fertile soil. By opening the soil rainwater can infiltrate and is available for vegetation again.

Step 2 Harvesting the rains

Make best use of the water

Almost everywhere on our planet it rains, even in dry areas. Using ancient water harvesting techniques and recent innovations rainwater can enter the ground again. We work with many different techniques that jumpstart mother nature and re-green the land.

Step 3 Returning the natural vegetation

More vegetation means more rains

By allowing rainwater to infiltrate into the soil, seeds will sprout and vegetation returns. To increase biodiversity and improve the livelihood of communities we complement this with planting trees, improved agriculture and agroforestry.

Step 4 Restoring the water cycle

An upward spiral

The restored vegetation brings more moisture into the air, which helps to create clouds and restores the water cycle.

Step 5 Creating more green with a little green

Green areas growing towards each other

We restore degraded landscapes in a series of projects that form a ‘Hydrologic Corridor’. Due to the scale and the locations, these projects not only have local benefits, but also positively impact the regional climate.

Step 6 Greener land makes a cooler planet

Start digging!

Trees and plants are the air-conditioning of our planet, that’s why it’s important to restore degraded lands. It has been calculated by the UN that 2 billion hectares of degraded land is restorable. This is almost twice the size of Europe!

Our ultimate goal is to restore these areas, but we can’t do this alone. Let us all pick up the shovel and re-green the land to cool down the planet!

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Our movement

Save the world with a shovel

Our iconic shovel stands for bold, unprecedented action; less words, more results, less debate, more inspiration. As a symbol for climate action, our shovel turns dry lands back into healthy soils and thriving farmlands and ecosystems. With our movement we inform, inspire and activate the world to act. We do this through campaigns, ambassadors, events, and art.

“Dig deep within your heart and join me in starting a green revolution. Justdiggit!”

Nobel Peace Prize winner and Justdiggit’s Patron Desmond Tutu

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Sustainable Development Goals

We support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and focus specifically on:


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