July 4, 2018

After Kenya also bunds in Tanzania!

After Kenya also bunds in Tanzania!

September this year the well-known ‘earth smiles’, crescent shaped water bunds, will be dug in Tanzanian ground. So far we have used FMNR techniques in the Dodoma region. We can soon add a new re-greening technology to our Tanzanian program!

Our program manager Niels Dierckx and MetaMeta partner Francesco Sambalino were in the field two weeks ago looking for locations suited for rainwater harvesting. This is quite complex, because we have to take into account a lot of factors, such as rainfall, soil type and the villagers living in the area. It was a successful trip, because they were able to find 1. a suitable area and 2. they made the village leader of the area very enthusiastic about the new project!

This is the chosen location: Pembamoto. Can you already imagine the bunds in this photo?

Francesco also gave a few (practical) lessons to explain the principle of the water-bunds and to dig the first few bunds as a test (see photos below). The real training will take place in the next few months. Let the digging begin!