April 12, 2018

Blog: Start of Young Expert Programme

Blog: Start of Young Expert Programme

Greetings from Tanzania! We are Godlove (Tanzanian) and Lieke (Dutch) and we started working for Justdiggit and LEAD Foundation. Godlove as a Communication & Marketing Specialist and Lieke as a Project Coordinator. Let us tell you about YEP and the training we had in The Netherlands beginning of March.

YEP stands for Young Expert Programmes which is a programme for young talents in the Agrofood & Water sector. Dutch and international experts are trained, supported and funded for 1-2 years in a developing country of the organisation. We got the chance to be part of this!

How did we experience the training?

It was the first time for Godlove to be outside Africa, the first time to experience the cold and the first time to ride in an electric train. He was very surprised that everything went automatic. And how can the Dutch people eat so much bread!

He found the training very interactive, energetic and practical compared to trainings in Tanzania. This enabled all the 27 participants to learn from each other and share experiences. We learned some very valuable skills in facilitating, design thinking, training of trainers and project management.

Also the attention for specific personal skills gave us insights in how to move around in our projects in Tanzania. Godlove can perfectly combine his IT knowledge with his creativity in promoting re-greening among Tanzanians. As a social geographer, Lieke is determined to ensure all stakeholders are kept involved and enhances Justdiggit’s and LEAD’s attitude of learning by doing.

“After a very intense and inspiring training programme, we are ready to get started on the re-greening project in the Dodoma region.”