March 20, 2018

Justdiggit brings fashion statement

Justdiggit brings fashion statement

Design of Antoine Peters in collection at Dutch denim brand Kuyichi

They are available from the first day of spring: Our own fashion statement T-shirts. Designed by Antoine Peters, produced by the Dutch denim brand Kuyichi Pure Goods. A unique collaboration with an impressive product as a result.

Contribute to a better climate

“With the sale of these shirts, we want to create awareness around the problem of global warming”, says Wessel van Eeden, Marketing Director, Justdiggit. With the purchase of it you really make a statement and you also directly contribute to a greener world and a better climate. “The full profit of the T-shirts, which appear in both the women’s and men’s collection, will benefit the non-profit organization with which they develop large-scale re-greening projects to make the earth in dry areas fertile again.

Fashionable infographic        

Designer Antoine Peters says: “It is foremost a design that people can wear because they find it beautiful, but when you come closer you’ll discover different icons. This makes the T-shirt a conversation starter. It secretly is a fashionable infographic that shows the different steps in the re-greening projects of Justdiggit with the aim of regreening our planet and improving the climate.”

Growing paper label

From March 20, the T-shirts will be available in the Kuyichi online shop. “Obviously these shirts are made from organic cotton, environmentally friendly printed and manufactured under fair conditions for people and nature,” explains Peter Schuitema from Kuyichi. “To let you experience the feeling of a green environment, the T-shirts are provided with a ‘growing paper label’. Plant this label, enjoy the forget-me-nots that will flourish and then think about the importance of a green earth!”

Jordy Casteleijn and Merrel Westhoff

Among others Jordy Casteleijn and Merrel Westhoff show the T-shirts and represent the campaign, photographed by Marc Haers. Peter Schuitema: “It is great that all these influencers are committed in making a more beautiful earth. They suit us and our mission to reduce the impact of clothing and to create positive change in the fashion industry. ”

The launch of the T-shirt is the start of a long-term cooperation between the parties.