August 15, 2018

Justdiggit office designed by Studio Robin Sluijzer

Justdiggit office designed by  Studio Robin Sluijzer

While the re-greening activities are taking place in Africa, we are working hard at our Amsterdam office to make it all possible. This is what the Justdiggit team does in really cool furnished, and how could it be otherwise, green rooms! From the busy traffic and tourists outside, you step into a green oasis. Designer Robin Sluijzer is responsible for the interior and therefore for a healthy working environment and extra work motivation for Justdiggit! It’s time to bring him and his ‘free of charge’ efforts to your attention.

Robin Sluijzer began his career 20 years ago as a furniture maker, but his own style, sense for materials and the desire for independence decides him to start his own studio 15 years ago. Studio Robin Sluijzer is known for its exceptional use of color and the use of natural and ‘living’ materials. Robin likes to use plants, which he incorporates as icons in his projects.

You probably understand that we wanted Robin to design our office. Robin always focuses on detail and nishes. For him it is important to be involved in every phase of the process. Each project is a new story in which the client plays the leading role. And we can only confirm that!

See the result below!