July 27, 2017

NRC Charity Awards 2017

NRC Charity Awards 2017 – Vote for Justdiggit and join the green revolution!

Justdiggit has been selected as one of the 18 charities to participate in the NRC Charity Award: a contest that was created by NRC Media and is intended to support charities in spreading their message.

Two students of the Willem de Kooning Academy of Rotterdam developed the design of the Justdiggit campaign. As the students describe our message well:

“In many dry areas of the world it is raining a lot, sometimes almost as much as in the Netherlands. However, all of this rainwater flows away (unused) because it can not get into the soil, resulting in drought and floods. By digging, rainwater can re-enter the soil, so that dry areas can re-green, the local climate can improve and the earth can recover itself. Because the greener the earth, the cooler the planet.”

Now vote for Justdiggit and help us to create a green revolution!

With your vote, we are able to get a free page-sized advertisement in the NRC and in the NRC.next and more importantly: you enable us to spread this message!

From Monday 24 July to Thursday 17 August, the campaigns will be published in NRC Handelsblad, nrc.next and nrc.nl.

On August 29th NRC will announce the winners at a meeting in Pakhuis de Zwijger.