May 16, 2018

Regreening results in Kongwa

Regreening results in Kongwa

Our colleague Lieke, who lives and works in the project area Dodoma (Tanzania), just sent us pictures from a successful adoption of the FMNR technique by the St Phillips College. And of course we need to share his regreening result! The college has started with conserving and regrowing trees since 2000. They received a diploma for this achievement in 2002 from the Kongwa district, because of their good policy and the already visible results.

The trees shown in the picture are the result of tree and nature conservation for over 18 years! You wouldn’t think, but in former times this area was bare. The adoption of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR either called “Kisiki Hai” in Tanzania) really works! A red ribbon is visible on the photo above. This ribbon indicates that Kisiki Hai is applied and that the tree can not be cut.

Lieke heard that over the years they sometimes had to take tough action against people who cut wood in the areas. With the help of the government, people have even been arrested. This strict policy has worked well. And the great part is, villagers can now use the dry, fallen or pruned branches for firewood and charcoal.

We are very active in this area with our partner LEAD Foundation, so that we:

  1. can point out to the people here in Mlanga the importance of keeping and pruning trees
  2. can teach the new farmers from Kongwa about this technique in an inspiring green environment and show them that this technology really works.