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Roos Willard | Programs & Finance

Never give up on things you really want
I believe that if you really want, you can reach whatever you want without any boundaries. This is my motto. It inspired me and always helped me make the seemingly impossible possible. That’s also why I work for Justdiggit. For over the last few years I was looking for more fulfilment in my work, and because I never gave up Justdiggit crossed my path. I also work for Justdiggit because I fully believe in our story, and because I know that together we can make our ideals come true.


Benson Leyian | Project Coordinator Amboseli

Born and brought up at the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro – the highest free standing mountain in the world – I enjoyed the morning dew, sun rays reflections and dripping glaciers of the mountain every day. The virgin flora and fauna decorated my path to school as a young lad. Over the past couple of years the reality of shrinking glaciers, degraded rangelands and diminish flora and fauna is hitting hard.  When I first met the Justdiggit team and after lengthy discussions on the re-greening concept, my hope was restored. I realized that this is a globally shared problem and I’ve been given an opportunity to play a role. I believe with the skills, experience and academic qualification ranging from Leadership and Management, project planning and management to accounting I should be able to contribute immensely towards the Justdiggit initiative


Dennis Karpes | Co-founder & Fundraising

Ever since the year 2000 I committed myself to change the world for the better. One of the best decisions in my life. In those years I co-created sustainable jeans brand Kuyichi, founded Dance4Life and in 2010 I was in for a new challenge. That’s when I met Peter Westerveld and came to know about land degradation and it’s solution. From then on I have been committed to this green revolution!


George munyao King’ola | Project Coordinator Kuku

I hold a bachelors degree in Natural resources management and for the last four years I have been working with Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT) as its Operations Manager. As a natural resourcist, I am appalled by the degradation of biodiversity caused by human activities. I am touched by the unique model used by Justdiggit to mitigate climate change and improve livelihoods in its pursuit of greening the world.
With my passion for nature and the experience I have, I am sure together we are going to give this planet a new lease of life. Climate change is real and has no boundaries!

Margot Frederiks

Margot Frederiks | Operation & Organization

After my bachelor in Commercial Economics, I did a master in Environment and Resource Management. It was really an interesting, but also a little depressing study, because I got to see many examples of degraded ecosystems caused by people. Now at Justdiggit I can help to recover the degraded land where I saw the pictures in my study books. I can’t think of a better work motivation: supporting my colleagues at the office in any possible way and thereby strive for the vision of positively impact the regional climate.


Wessel van Eeden | Marketing & Communications

I am a social marketer with a passion for big ideas.  I was Dance4life global marketing chief for 8 years and in this role I have had the pleasure of building the  revolutionary social brand of Dance4life with Dennis  and the team.

At Justdiggit I have an even stronger belief that the ecological problems we face can only be dealt with if we are able to inform, inspire and mobilize people, companies and governments. Together we can create a green livable planet for now and the future  by harvesting our rainwater and re-greening the planet.


Olivier Maes | Business Development

“The beauty and vulnerability of our planet have touched me during my travels through Africa. Justdiggit offers me a platform to do something to preserve this beauty and make the planet more resilient.”

Olivier has a strong background in business development, sales and partnerships, for both multinational corporations and technology start-ups. As Cisco’s former Managing Director for Africa and the Middle East, he built up an extensive knowledge of how emerging markets work and operate.


Abdelaziz Babqiqi | Project Coordinator Rehamna


Sander de Haas | Programs & Technology

While doing hydrological research in Kitui, Kenya I met a woman who used this calabash to scoop out groundwater from holes in the riverbed for her daily use. Although the wear and tear shows she had used it for a long time, she was more than happy to trade it with me for a plastic bucket. To me this calabash reminds me how precious water is and that we should take great efforts to protect our sources.

As a hydrogeologist it’s great to work at Justdiggit on these projects in which we make use of our natural resources to change the environment and livelihoods for the better. My role is to ‘read’ the landscape in order to understand the situation, problems and find solutions for our projects.

Anneke Bach

Anneke Bach | Education Intern

With my study Rural Development and Innovation I learned how to find sustainable solutions in the rural developing world. By combining forces of different sectors I believe you can really make change happen. For my internship I am now trying to combine these forces to create awareness among children about climate change and even more important, that they can join in the solution! If children are aware of what is happening it will also be easier to make the right decisions towards a sustainable life. I am very grateful that I can contribute in re-greening the planet and education for me, completes the picture.


Niels Dierckx | Programs

After a career in the Netherlands Armed Forces and subsequently business for 18 years, I have joined Justdiggit in its quest to cool down the earth. There is one quote by Leroy Percy that has really struck a chord with me and has become one of my guiding principles in life:
A man’s job is to make the world a better place to live in, so far as he is able -always remembering the results will be infinitesimal- and to attend to his own soul.
Working at Justdiggit provides just this opportunity. We actively tackle one of the great problems of our time and to do so in a very practical, actionable and effective way. However, we do not believe in a result that is infinitesimal. At this moment in history, we need large scale action creating large scale effects. That is exactly what Justdiggit is doing.

Wessel K.

Wessel Koning | Business Development & Partnerships

For the past 15 years I have gained experience as International Business Developer for large multinationals and as an entrepreneur founding several businesses myself. I enjoy working in an innovative environment and making global impact.

I have always enjoyed being in nature, outdoor sports, scuba diving and have travelled around the globe. This also made me very much aware how we are treating our planet and its negative consequences. The time to act is now, but what can we do?

Justdiggit is that platform, a result driven organisation where I can use my experience to involve companies and brands and create new partnerships so we can jointly re-green our planet.  It’s a great feeling to do ‘business’ knowing that every deal that we make will actually help reverse climate change and help shape a better future!

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Nadia de Waal | Marketing & Communications

For years I was looking for purpose in my job, other than getting new clients or making more profit. Working at Justdiggit is giving me that purpose. All the energy I put into the projects is paying off and giving me energy in return. That might sound more egoistic than altruistic, but everything we do contributes to a better planet. Isn’t that amazing?