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Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely has been one of the most sustainable brands in the Netherlands and the most sustainable chocolate brand in the world for years now.  They have supported our mission since 2016. With their support, we´re able to regreen degraded land, sequester carbon, harvest rainwater, improve crop yields, and help secure livelihoods for people living in our project areas.

Brigdestone logo

Bridgestone Mobility Solutions

Bridgestone Mobility Solutions has invested in the regreening of an area in Tanzania 17 times larger in size than the center of Amsterdam (13.761 ha). By regreening this area, in total around 96,000 tons of CO2 will be sequestrated through bringing back over 501,440. But that’s not all – this programme also positively impacts the livelihoods of almost 39,792 people, saves 481 million litres of water yearly, and restores biodiversity.

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DHL Supply Chain

DHL Supply Chain supports our bunds project in Kenya since 2021. Thanks to this partnership, we will dig a minimum of 13,000 bunds to harvest rainwater and regreen an area of more than 1,500.000m2. That is the size of the center of Utrecht, The Netherlands! And that´s not all: DHL increases their donation with 6,500 bunds each year.

The Good Roll logo

The Good Roll

The good roll sells 100% tree-friendly toilet rolls made from recycled paper and wrapped in plastic-free packaging. Their mission is simple: safe and clean toilets for everyone. With 50% of their profit, they build toilets in various African countries. To make an even more significant impact on the African continent,  Justdiggit and The Good Roll partnered up for the remaining carbon emissions from the company’s delivery vans and office building in the Netherlands.

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We’ve been working together with treebytree since 2022. Treebytree is a social enterprise on a mission to turn corporate gifting into gifting back, by enabling companies to gift trees. We’re passionate about working with treebytree to regenerate trees in Africa. By making tree gifting engaging and effortless, they want to transform the corporate gifting industry and recover one billion trees before 2050!


Treebytree enables companies to gift trees. And they’ve made gifting trees an extraordinary digital experience.

Holie logo


Holie believes that healthy living should be easy and joyful. So in 2018 they set out on a mission to drive positive change for breakfast. How? By challenging the food industry with a bold, better and healthy cereals alternative. And the best part? They also care about the health of our planet and use 1% of their sales to regreen dry land. Holie’s support will help us to bring back thousands of m2, trees, capture water, sequester carbon and positively impact the lives of local communities.

Manitou logo


Manitou is a French company, based in Loire-Atlantique. The Manitou Group currently employs 4,400 people in 140 countries. Manitou will support us in the coming years with rainwater harvesting projects in Kenya. Thanks to their support we’re able to dig thousands of water bunds, capture millions of litres of water and eventually regreen a large area of drylands. 

KwardO logo


The Belgian company Kwadro is a renovation specialist for windows and doors with a wide range of PVC, aluminium and wooden products. They support our projects in the Singida region, in Tanzania. Thanks to their support we’re able to organise new movie road shows in various villages and regenerate trees. This has a positive impact on water and food security, biodiversity and the climate. 

Timberland logo


Justdiggit and Timberland are engaged in a global partnership from 2020 to 2025, to bring back 10 million trees in Tanzania through FMNR! This amount of trees will sequester huge amounts of carbon, impacting climate change and saving billions of liters of water. It will also positively impact hundreds of thousands of people as these trees are planted on farmlands, which improves the soil and crop yields. 

Caterpillar logo


Justdiggit and Caterpillar are both digging to build a better world! Our SDG impact areas are closely aligned with the goals that Caterpillar and Caterpillar Foundation have, from SDG #1 No poverty and SDG #3 Climate impact. They have supported both Rainwater harvesting programs in Kenya and have helped to restore millions of trees through FMNR programs in Tanzania.

Mr Marvis logo

Mr Marvis

Mr Marvis is a clothing brand with Dutch roots. As a brand, they hold themselves accountable for the impact they make. They’re dedicated to improving every day, creating value for everyone interacting with their company and reducing their environmental footprint to a minimum. They partnered up with us in 2022. With their support we are able to regreen a large part of Central Tanzania, bringing back thousands of trees with a positive impact on the climate, livelihoods, biodiversity and crop yields.

MTD logo


MTD provides clean and safe drinking water all over the world and disposes wastewater in an environmentally friendly way. We’re proud to say that we partnered up with them in 2022. MTD supports our rainwater harvesting projects in Kenya. On World Water Day 2022, they donated 60 million litres of water to our projects. They also set up a MTD-Justdiggit program that allows their customers to donate water to us!