Signing contract pilot project Amboseli

By Naga 2 years ago
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On 13th of June Naga met KWS (occasionally over for a congress) live in The Netherlands to sign the contract for the Amboseli pilot project.

KWS conserves and manages Kenya’s wildlife for the Kenyan people and the world in the national parks. Together with Naga, Kenya Wildlife Services restores lost woodland forest habitats in the Amboseli National Park.

Enclosures in Amboseli National Park successfully barred elephants and giraffes and within years it was evident that elephants are a major factor in suppressing the regeneration of woodlands in the park. Together with the construction of the enclosures a tree nursery was initiated with the intention to replant raised trees within the enclosed areas. Due to funding issues the replanting never took place. In the Amboseli pilot project these trees are replanted.

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