Supervisory Board

To have a clear division between the executive responsibilities and its supervisory responsibilities, Justdiggit has a Supervisory Board in place.

The Supervisory Board is responsible for overseeing the general affairs of the Foundation, and for advising, monitoring and supervising the Executive Board’s management and policies. The Supervisory Board appoints members of the Executive Board and sets their remuneration and other conditions of payments.

Jenny Elissen is the chair of board. She is a very experienced creative strategist and entrepreneur. Jenny is interested in ventures and initiatives that support new creative marketing strategies that emerge world-changing business. Her specialties are: sustainable innovation, positioning, branding, interactive marketing and marketing strategy.

Eddy Moors heads the department of Climate Change and Adaptive Land & Water Management at Alterra (WageningenUR) and is Endowed Professor of Water and Climate at VU University Amsterdam. Eddy has a PhD on land surface atmosphere interactions with a special focus on water use. After working for the World Meteorological Organization in Africa and the Caribbean he moved to Wageningen University and Alterra. At Alterra he developed a scientific career in the field of mitigation of and adaptation to climate change. Eddy is actively involved in projects in Europe, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal and California.

Tineke Bahlmann is one of the most prominent Dutch according to ‘De Volkskrant’. Teaching and her work as supervisor have a central position in her carrier. Tineke has been active as professor Business Administration at Utrecht University since 1991 and fulfills several positions as supervisor and advisor for different organisations.

Bert Amesz is an independent senior consultant and publicist in the field of water, environment and climate change. Over the last fifteen years he performed multiple assignments in Africa, Asia, and the Middle-East on technical aspects, water resource management, the environment, and other aspects. Till 1998 Bert was Managing Director of Iwaco, a leading Dutch consulting firm in the field of water resources, waste water and the environment. He is author of the book ‘Aan de Knoppen van het klimaat’ (2012). The book summarizes the causes and impacts of global climate changes and addresses climated policies.

Hans Bruggink is a very experienced Financial Executive with broad experience in all aspects of accounting, auditing and financial management. He has direct global experience with airlines, ground transportation, ICT, real estate and financial consulting. Hans fulfilled previous Supervisory Board memberships at CITO, Westerveld Conservation Trust, SPF Beheer, MECC, CSC Holding, hotels and several KLM companies.