Tap into our water project

With restaurants all over The Netherlands we use tap water to support our projects. This way we are turning local drinking water into global rainwater.

One of our rainmakers Hein Uitendaal, owner of restaurant Landgoed Groenendaal, came up with a great idea to support us: selling tap water to his guests to support the Justdiggit projects. This has been such a success, we decided to expand.

We´ve partnered up with glass producer Royal Leerdamand distributor Tamis Wijnen. Libbey is producing Justdiggit-branded water jugs and –glasses and Tamis Wijnen is introducing us to their network and connections in the hospitality industry.

We deliver the jugs and glasses to catering establishments, who will use these to sell tap water to consumers. All of the income will go to the Justdiggit water projects.

Participating restaurants:

Do you own a bar, restaurant or lunchroom and are you interested in tapping into this project? Great! Contact us via kraanwater@justdiggit.org

In addition to the tapwater project. Glasses and jugs will be sold in retail whose profits will go to our projects as well.
Information about participating stores will soon be released.