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Cooling Down
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Let's cool down the planet, together.

Regreen your land by using Kisiki Hai and rainwater harvesting techniques.


Regreening degraded landscapes Join the Regreen Revolution!

Justdiggit restores degraded areas in Africa using a diverse range of regreening techniques and new technologies. LEAD Foundation, located in Dodoma, Tanzania, knows everything about nature conservation and education.

Together we regreen degraded areas in Tanzania, positively impacting nature, biodiversity and people. Our mission is to inspire and activate millions of farmers to start regreening, transforming large areas of dry land into green and fertile areas. Are you joining as well? Start regreening your land and join Jaymondy in the Regreen Revolution!

Kisiki Hai and rainwater harvesting techniques


Regreening Dodoma

With help of Kisiki Hai and Fanya Juu & Fanya Chini

Together with LEAD Foundation and the farmers we started regreening the Dodoma region using the Kisiki Hai and Fanya Juu & Fanya Chini techniques. In total 1,150 Champion Farmers have been trained on how to apply Kisiki Hai and how to learn other farmers this technique. Together they’ve reached over 200,000 farmers in a total of 324 villages about this technique! Many of these farmers started to bring back trees on their own land, resulting in more than 4.5 million trees that are already brought back in the Dodoma region. These trees are positively impacting the amount of rain and the fertility of the soil.

Additionally, a growing number of farmers applied the Fanya Juu & Fanya Chini techniques on their lands, capturing the rainwater on their lands increasing the water availability for the crops.

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Improve your soil!

Get started!

Got inspired to regreen your own land? We can give you a hand! Together with our partner LEAD Foundation we’ve developed a diverse range of materials which can help you to get started. From educational instruction videos to a Farm Radio show on Dodoma FM, it all helps you to understand the benefits of regreening and how to apply the regreening techniques yourself.

Start regreening yourself


The story Rainmakers III: A Tanzanian Story

Rainmakers III tells the story about the spread of an idea which can help to bring millions of trees back to life: Kisiki Hai! A message full of positivity and hope. It shows the positive benefits of trees on all different aspects. Curious about these benefits? Watch the documentary!


Get inspired! Kisiki Hai I

Within this educational movie you learn all about the positive effects of Kisiki Hai. Ashery, a farmer living in the Dodoma region, visits the farmer Augustino, who is practicing Kisiki Hai on his land for many years. Ashery finds out that bringing back trees on your land can make your land green and fertile again, making it much easier to grow crops. Want to know what a land full of trees can look like? Watch the Kisiki Hai I movie!


Get started! Kisiki Hai II

Within Kisiki Hai II you learn the four different steps of Kisiki Hai, enabling you to apply it on your own land. You learn a memory aid, making sure you can remember all the steps easily. We also introduce a new regreening technique: Fanya Juu and Fanya Chini. This technique helps you to capture the rainwater falling on your land. This increases the water availability for the crops, making sure it can grow well. Watch this educational movie and get started yourself!