Justdiggit makes dry lands green again at scale to positively impact Climate, Nature and People that can be expressed in 8 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and fits into nearly all ESG company strategies.

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Let’s start cooling down the planet. Together.

Justdiggit makes dry lands green again, positively impacting climate, nature and people.

In order to scale up our regreening projects in Africa we work closely together with businesses all around the globe who support our mission: Cooling down the planet!

Meeting your Sustainability goals

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Clean water and sanitation

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Decent work and economic growth

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Partnerships for the goals

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Our regreening projects encompass 8 out of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Examples are Climate Action (#13) through landscape restoration, Clean Water and Sanitation (#6) and Decent work and economic growth (#8).

Are you looking for action-based, tangible and scalable solutions to create positive climate impact and to roll out your CSR program or reach your specific ESG (goals) or SDGs?

Impact solutions

Carbon offset


Sequester CO2 via nature

37% of the solution to Climate Change lies in nature (Source: Nature Conservancy) Through the Nature Based Solutions by Justdiggit, new vegetation is created and carbon is taken out of the air into the plants, trees and the soil. By doing this, we help companies with their carbon footprint compensation.

The impact of Justdiggit programs are greater than CO2 sequestration alone. By restoring ecosystems, we will simultaneously regreen an X amount of land, bring back trees, harvest rainwater, boost the biodiversity in the area and enhance the livelihoods of local communities. These combined impact metrics represent several UN SDGs.

Regreen a dedicated area

Regreen a Dedicated Area

Visible on Google Earth

With the support of a brand or corporate Justdiggit regreens dedicated areas in Africa. It is possible to regreen a specific area in Africa that can be seen on Google Earth. This area will transform over time from dry, degraded land into green fertile lands.

The sizes of a specific city, province or other relevant area or landmark is expressed in m2 or hectares and has impact on 8 SGDs. Companies receive regular impact reports consisting of photographs, drone video footage and sometimes interviews with the local people. The impact metrics are ‘CO2 sequestered’, ‘m2 regreened’, ‘water replenished’ and ‘people empowered’.

Partner examples: GreenChoice (see press release – regreening the size of Rotterdam centre in Kenya) and Webfleet Solutions, a Bridgestone company, with whom we are regreening an area 4x the size of Amsterdam centre in Tanzania (see press release).

Bring back trees

Bring back trees

Treeplanting 2.0!

Justdiggit has developed and implemented unique but proven scalable methods to regreen large plots of dry, degraded lands in Africa with positive impact on Climate, Nature and People. One of these methods is Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration or FMNR where we inspire, educate and activate millions of farmers to improve their own farmlands by bringing back native tree species.

For more info see this 40 sec video or our documentary Rainmakers III – 15 min. Partner examples: Together with Timberland we bring back 10 million trees in rural Tanzania (see press release).

Impact Marketing Solutions

Impact Marketing Solutions

Marketing dollar = Impact dollar

By making the regreening impact tangible, you can directly link the relevant impact metrics of your choice to your product or services. The impact can be communicated directly to your customers, clients, suppliers or other stakeholders. Metrics that can be communicated are CO2 sequestered, M2 regreened, Trees brought back, liters of water saved and people empowered. We believe that the time has come that a ‘marketing dollar’ can be an ‘impact dollar’ at the same time, offering relevant (climate) impact to your customers. Contact us to learn about the broad range of possibilities and examples.

Partner example: See the B2B customer facing platform called Green Your Fleet we’ve built together with Webfleet Solutions, a Bridgestone company. This platform can help thousands of international customers offset their carbon emissions and at the same time restore nature and help local people.

Empower local communities

Empower local communities

Help local people Regreen

A greener land provides many opportunities for the local people and communities. Justdiggit focusses on educating and activating mainly subsistence farmers that live under $2,-/day to regreen their lands. By regreening their own land, the local communities have a better chance on water and food security. Crop yields can increase 16% and household income 33%. We train farmers to become champion farmers so they can teach other farmers, we organize so called ' movie roadshows' to inform and educate the people and are working on mobile technology.

Organisations can support one or more villages, regreen and empower the local communities.

See an example of regreening with FMNR from a farmers perspective here

Water replenishment

Water Replenishment

Through Rainwater Harvesting

Justdiggit is an expert in Rainwater harvesting. We have combined ancient techniques with modern science and have saved billions of liters of rainwater by bringing them back into the soil and watershed through the semi circular waterbunds that we help people dig. Justdiggit! Other nature based solutions like FMNR also impact the soil, making it much easier for rainwater to enter the ground after the intervention.

Tailermade impact solutions

Tailormade Impact Solutions

Every partnership is unique

Justdiggit offers a wide range of relevant shared value partnership solutions for brands and corporates that link the impact to key stakeholders, such as employees, partners and customers.

We create tailormade value propositions, both B2C and B2B, and have engaged in partnerships across many sectors ranging from Fashion, FMCG, Tech, Finance, Retail, Energy. We frequently work with Marketing and Sales departments, CSR, Sustainability and General Management to offer relevant impact solutions with our compelling content and storytelling, supported through global our media and content partnerships with Havas Group, JCDecaux and many more.

Since Justdiggit impacts 8 UN SDG’s in with clear and tangible metrics on carbon, trees, m2 regreened, water, and people there are many possibilities to make impact together.

Contact us to talk about which solutions we can offer your organisation.

Business Partnership Examples

From bringing back 10 millions of trees within 5 years to regreening an area the size of Amsterdam: all our regreening partnerships are unique! What all brands we work with do have in common? They directly contribute to a greener and cooler planet.

Timberland logo


Justdiggit and Timberland are engaged in a global 5 year partnership from 2020 – 2025 to bring back 10 million trees in Tanzania via FMNR! This amount of trees sequester huge amounts of Carbon to impact climate change, save billions of liters of water, and positively impact the livelihoods of 100,000’s of people as these trees are planted on farmlands improving the soils and crop yield. See partnership press release here

Caterpillar logo


Justdiggit and Caterpillar are both digging to build a better world!:) Also Caterpillar and Caterpillar Foundation have an interest to impact several of the same SDGs from SDG 1 reduction of poverty to SDG 13 Climate Impact. They have supported both Rainwater Harvesting programs in Kenya as FMNR in Tanzania helping to bring back millions of trees!

Tony's Chocolonely's logo

Tony's Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely is one of the most sustainable brands in the Netherlands and the most sustainable chocolate brand in the world. Justdiggit & Tony’s have a longstanding partnership where Justdiggit offsets the entire Company Carbon Footprint (by Verified Carbon Offsets) by making dry lands green again that helps farmers to improve their crop yield and income.

Partnerships contact

Justdiggit believes in relevant shared value partnerships with Brands and Corporates that positively impact Climate, Nature and People, while at the same time adding value to Brands and their stakeholders such as Customers, Partners and Employees. Join us in the Regreen Revolution!

Just drop us an email and learn how we can make impact together
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