oktober 2, 2015

Planning the Moroccan corridor

Planning the Moroccan corridor

Justdiggit is looking into initiating its second Hydrologic corridor in western Africa and we focussed our initial desk studies on Morocco as we see great opportunities in this region. The geophysical conditions and social economic situation in Morocco are very suitable. There is a major issue with land degradation and the government is very active in combatting this problem and has been doing so for many years.

During the first weeks of September Justdiggit made its second steps towards a Hydrologic corridor in Morocco. We visited various Moroccan regions. We started in Rabat and Marrakesh where we had preliminary talks with potential partners such as universities, (inter)governmental organizations, local NGO’s and experts. We surveyed several possible corridors and pilot project locations based on earlier desk studies and of course we visited successful re-greening and water harvesting projects to identify the factors for success and see if they are scalable.

Both the social-economic as the actual climate are very different compared to eastern Africa. It is a more agricultural region instead of nomadic and the annual precipitation is lower than in Kenya. Unsustainable agriculture and overgrazing are two of the main contributors to land degradation in this area.

All in all, we had a very positive and constructive visit and we hope to draft a proposed pilot project before the end of the year!