november 6, 2016



November 7 2016 is the start of the 22nd COP in Marrakesh. Since ‘95 this conference takes place to talk about climate change, but large-scale actions have yet to be seen. Justdiggit and their partner BlowUp Media, think it’s time for action and created an international COP-campaign. ‘Juststopit’ is set up to raise worldwide awareness for less talking, more action. The campaign runs on large mediascreens in Marrakesh, The Netherlands and England, but also online, influencer content and a social media campaign.

Nobel prize winner, Justdiggit-ambassador and patron of the non-profit, Desmond Tutu reaches out to people worldwide in a video message of Justdiggit: “We are facing one of the biggest challenges in history: our earth is drying up. We need to reverse this while we still can. Luckily the solution comes straight from heaven: rain! If we start harvesting our rainwater, we can re-green our planet. Join me in starting a Green Revolution.”

From issues to solution

“After 628.067.682 seconds (more than 22 years) of talks about climate change, it’s now time for concrete actions. Instead of emphasizing the issues, we like to think in solutions. Because if we can warm up the earth, we can also cool it down” says Dennis Karpes, co-founder of Justdiggit. The non-profit organisation does this by digging in semi-dried areas. It creates a cooling effect for the planet, biodiversity, water- and food security, a healthy local economy and a liveable environment for people and animals.

“The complex issue has a simple solution. That’s why we should talk less and act more. In thirty African countries we launched programs to largely re-green land by water harvesting, reforestation and sustainable agriculture. We are also active in Marocco, our project (which is close to COP22), received the COP22-label. The COP-label is an official recognition as a solution for climate change”, adds Karpes. During the COP22 Justdiggit signs contracts with several other African countries to implement their Hydrologic Corridor solution.


The goal of the campaign is to reach as many people as possible, to create awareness and show the world leaders at the COP22 it is time for measures. During the campaign ambassadors speak out, among which Desmond Tutu. The concept has been created by creative digital agency Lama Lama.

The ticking clock in the campaign is the main message, online, on social media and the digital billboards in Marakech, The Netherlands and England. People can speak up via the campaigns’ website Juststopit. Time can be stopped with a button. The personal time will be the final content for social media. “After 628.067.682” seconds I’ve had enough. It’s time to cool down the planet.“

The campaign is visible on digital billboards thanks to blowUP media, Kinetic, Ngage Media, Exterion Media, Schiphol Media and JCDecaux, among others.