Justdiggit creates positive global on- and offline awareness campaigns and education programs to inspire, unite and activate an entire generation to cool down our planet.


Promoting our solution to the world!


We reach millions of people directly online and through TV, Out-of-Home and radio.

To realize this we work together with some of the best media companies worldwide. In 2016 alone we have received almost €7,000,000 media value for free! This means your donation money goes straight to our projects instead of advertisement!


Documentary ‘Rainmakers’


We produce regular documentaries about the progress we are making to keep you informed, involved and hopefully inspired. 

Rainmakers is the first episode! In this documentary the local Maasai community in Kenya tells you about the impact climate change has on their livelihoods and the positive effect of the Justdiggit rain harvest projects.


Learning can be cool


The primary school students are the first generation that really face the consequences of climate change and the last generation to do something about it… Therefore we developed a Justdiggit College with cool experiments and assignments!

They will learn about the importance of C02, soil, water, biodiversity and Justdiggit’s solution. With this knowledge we hope to inspire and motivate children to think about healthy ecosystems and how they can become part of a green revolution!

Our free educational program

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