oktober 12, 2015

Re-greening Amboseli

Re-greening Amboseli

As one of the main partner in the Amboseli Ecosystem restoration plan, Justdiggit leads 2 major interventions:

1. Natural assisted reforestation
We are in charge of 3 heavily degraded woodland plots which we will protect for a few years until the forest and grass grows again. It is a technique which proves to work in areas where there is enough ground water and tree seedlings. We are finalizing the fencing of 2 of the 3 plots before the November rains. The 3rd plot will be completed in Q1 2016.

Justdiggit degraded plot in year 1 (picture taken on 1st Oct 2015)

Fenced area results after 2,5 years

Fenced area results after 10 years

In the pilot plot, we are re-planting 5000 trees this month. The trees were donated from a Canadian NGO to Justdiggit, who is now planting them as part of our project.

We are also excited to test some new techniques to increase the survival rate of trees in semi-arid areas.

2. Rain water infiltration
This part of the project is scheduled to start between the November rains and the April 2016 rains. We are currently finalizing the exact area in agreement with the Maasai land owners. We will use similar technique as we do in Kuku /Tsavo West.