Our shovel stands for countless opportunities, it turns dry lands back into healthy soils and  deserts into farmlands. The iconic shovel deserves to be seen. 

That’s why we asked 17 artists, designers and painters to design and create their own version of our shovel.

Albert Niemeijer

Albert Niemeyer The “Dutch Picasso’ has been drawing ever since he was inspired by various artists at a very young age. After graduating from graphic school in Eindhoven he began working at various zoo’s, where he cared for ánd painted the animals precisely. Later on, he started to experiment with other, more free styles of painting, clearly inspired by the Cobra-artists.

He packaged the Justdiggit shovel as if it has had water damage to show the traveling aspect of the project and the simplicity in which Justdiggit recovers the earth. “Water is literally attached to the shovel when used.”

Marianne Naerenbout

Marianne Naerebout Inspired by Curaçao, where Marianne grew up, she paints as colorful as it gets.  Once back in the Netherlands, she studied to be a teacher and later on the Academy of Arts in Breda. Her search for color brought her to Oman where she discovered herself as an artist. Hereafter she moves to Syria where the scents, colors and people made her feel at home. After a few more international moves and a period of stay in America. She now lives and works in the Netherlands, Italy and Tanzania.

Marianne painted in the Justdiggit shovel in her beautiful and iconic colorful way.

Gerdine Duijsens

Gerdine Duijsens The work of Gerdine balances on the line between figurative and abstract. As she states on her website: ‘Mostly it is abstract with figurative elements’. Born and raised in Utrecht, she first enrolled in the Artibus Academy in the Dutch city. After a short period of time, she realized this was not the place where she could make the figurative work she wanted to. Later she attended the ‘Academy voor Schone Kunsten’, in Arendonk, Belgium, where she laid the foundation for her current style.

Gerdine Duijsens is very well known for her collection called ‘Dining Scenes’. Showing the mildly abstract painted figures enjoying food and drinks. Her shovel fits right in this collection. Showing a dining scene, stating: ‘food and drinks for all’.

Antoine Peters

Antoine Peters Artist and fashion designer Antoine Peters is sure to deliver a unique Justdiggit shovel. He is well known for his project ‘A sweater for the world’; an enormous two-person sweater designed with the aim of bringing together as many different individuals as possible. His work is conceptual and wrapped in surrealism and playfulness. Pop culture and it’s mechanisms is a great source of his inspiration. He stretches the concept of fashion by playing with perception, space and interaction.


Misho, with a passion for music, moved to San Francisco from Lausanne in the 80s to play drums, record and tour the US. Following his music career, Misho directed his attention to his second passion, art. Having an early interest in photography, he turned to the camera to capture images that are reminiscent of abstract paintings. Through his eyes, he sees beauty everywhere, whether in nature or urban decay. In paintings, Misho likes to use primary colors to draw viewers attention. Often his paintings include textured layers to the tune of music in his head.

“Randomness is the thread that connects to all my work. It is the moveable energy which guides my hands, my eyes”.

Yari Ostovany

Yari Ostovani his work process based and improvisational, straddling the nebulous realm between the mystical and the mysterious and thus, to him, the spiritual. A personal journey of exploration through the alchemy of paint, color, light, texture and the poetics of space.

He is interested in the crossing point of the unconscious, the personal and the collective, and energies that come to surface from the interplay of primordial contradictory forces—those within and without—on the surface of the painting. An unfolding evolutionary process through densely layered organic compositions made over time with layers upon layers of thick and thin washes and glazes, luminous and opaque.


Juliette van Bavel Purity, light and movement are the main principles in the work of artist Juliette van Bavel. You’ll find these themes both in photography, paintings, sculptures and poetry as a result of Juliette’s past as a ballet dancer. Her website states: ‘The power to use the possibilities and limitations of your body is the language of the dancer. These possibilities and impossibilities can broken open as an artist and instantly converted into shape’.

Willem Verburg

Pipsqueak was here!!! They have chosen this name for an important reason. It describes exactly what they are, small, insignificant, yet loud and presumptuous, working on their little voices to be heard. There are two of them, working together in various fields of art. They try to be influenced by everything they see, hear or feel and create our own twisted vision on all big and small issues that seem to demand our attention. Pipsqueak Was Here!!! is determined to make something out of this hotchpotch pile of interesting by-products of human presence.

Rob Thuis

Theo Mackaay studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and later the rijksacademie in Amsterdam, where he monumental classes followed. The work of M is characterized by Classic primitive forms, often of animals, warriors or women, which he modified to deformeerde figures, so the realistic forms transcend. Incidentally, this does not mean that he is not a realistic conventional images has created.

His most famous image is arguably the golden calf. This film price was designed by him and for decades one of the most famous sculptures in the Netherlands every year, since these will be issued

Roos van der Meijden

Roos van der Meijden Modern and realistic. That is how the art of Roos van der Meijden is described. In 2001, she graduated from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. She is excellent in painting views and interiors. In 2011 she is recognized as the (Dutch) Talent of the year, as a part of the Artist of the year  awards.

The shovel she decorated is serene and kept the most natural of all. The fantastically realistic beach view accompanies the poem in the picture frame underneath.

Rineke Kop

Rineke Kop ‘Painting is looking for powerful simplicity.’ Rineke’s website states. Layers of acrylic paint make her paintings lively, this way she uses the paint to communicate with her. Her art is abstract, colorful, full of feeling and expression. The spectator of her paintings can expect to experience a feeling of recognition, of lost memories, of surprise, when looking at her work.

Chad Glashoff

Chad Glashoff, a Northern California artist that focuses on thinking green and craft- ing assemblage art with his playful heart and creative purpose in hopes to make this a better world for all. He had began creating 28 years ago being mentored under his father “Phillip Glashoff” at a young age. He learned quickly to design, craft and weld to create his own unique sculptures. Then pursuing his own art edu- cation by attending the California College of Arts, graduating in 2004. Now sculpt- ing full-time at their Northern California ranch “Glashoff Sculpture Ranch”. All Glashoff Creations are made with the focus of sustainability and thinking green.

Clemens Zalm

Clemens Zalm sees the beauty in tree-stumps and wreckage. He is a multidisciplinary artist who looks at the items in his environment as rewarding materials that is is able to combine in such a way it creates an interesting integrated entity. Clemens is fascinated by organic and structural forms, straight out of nature, like rock formations and rivers. As well as fabricated forms such as plastics.

‘I’m not a photographer’ he says on his website ‘I paint with photography’.

Gordon Huether

Gordon Huether’s mission is to inspire the spirit of humanity by bringing beauty and meaning into the world through art. Huether specializes in the creation of large- scale, site-specific art installations that are integrated into architecture and landscape for projects throughout the world. A majority of the work Huether designs is fabricated in-house, in his studio in Napa, California, by his team of craftsmen who are internationally recognized for their innovative, creative and highly professional artistry.

Huether’s has completed more than 250 projects, which have included art instal- lations for private corporations, airports, transportation centers, parking garages, hotels, universities, hospitals, recreation centers, civic buildings, libraries, and muse- ums. Huether’s work is exhibited regularly and collected US-wide.

John Kraft

John Kraft was born in Los Angeles in 1967. After graduating in 1989 with de- grees in both Mechanical and Marine Engineering, John decided to pursue an artistic path. Throughout the 1990s he developed a style and visual vocabulary punctuated by bright colors and whimsical themes. He was selected as a featured artist by Apple in 2001, and his art has been included in Better Homes and Gardens, The Artful Home and Modern Painters. He has received coverage by the San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times and MacWorld UK.

A full-time artist, John lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and his work can be found in both private and corporate collections worldwide.

Paul Morin

Paul Morin his portraits are included in major private collections on every continent and his portrait of Barack Obama titled “Profile in Hope,” was presented to the president in the Oval Office in 2010.

A “Classical Realist,” Paul combines a traditional technique with a modern sensibility – images that confront the viewer and with a sense of scale that is very individual.

Paul’s paintings emphasize character. By capturing the unique look and expression of each sitter, Paul delves into the personality of his subjects much like a candid snapshot reveals the moment specific projection of a person’s inner thoughts. His commissioned portraits bring an immediacy to his subjects revealing an inner life that truly makes the sitter “come alive!” Though contemporary, Paul is able to bring to his portraits a warmth, subtlety and elegance that is timeless. His technique, rooted in time-honored traditions, means that a portrait by Paul will be treasured for generations.

Johnny Botts

Johnny Botts paints cartoon robots. When he’s painting, he thinks about the kinds of positive messages he wants around him, and put them into his work. From a young age he decided to approach life with a positive attitude. He wants his world to be a place that is uplifting, encouraging and playful.

He paints using acrylics and let himself experiment with different materials. He likes to recycle by painting on wood panels, windows, cabinet doors, and other items that might other- wise end up as land ll.

Just recently he started painting on vintage floppy disks from his previous career. For many years he was a “Rocket Scientist” designing equipment for outer space. In the last few years, he painted murals at Facebook’s CA headquarters and in the streets of Munich, sold work to Capitol One, and had his artwork published in the Arts and Entertainment section of the New York Times.

Coming soon

Rob Thuis Visual designer Rob Thuis creates art in a wide array of forms. Whether it’s an installation, performance, painting or animation, the main theme in his work is always to change the experience of the people in the room, watching his art. The interventions he creates in a certain space are done in a way which is to oversee each individual as he doesn’t want anyone to feel lost.

The main resources which he uses are slides, light and projections.