Mtanana Tanzania

By growing more than 300.000 trees and re-introducing ancient agro-forestry rainwater harvesting practices, Justdiggit aims to put a halt to erosion, re-green the area and improve the productivity of the land in central Tanzania.

Design Phase
100% done
Implementation Phase
0% done
ha re-green
2.8 mio
liter water p/y

Planting trees in Tanzania

In November 2016 Justdiggit signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Tanzania to jointly develop a Hydrologic Corridor program in Tanzania. In the first half of 2017, the area for the first project of this program was selected and the design for the project has been made. It will be implemented in the area of Mtanana, in the eastern part of the Dodoma region. The Dodoma region is a primarily semi-arid region in the heart of Tanzania. 90% of the region’s population depends on the land for its livelihood. The land is used for small-scale agriculture and livestock keeping.

Together with the local communities, our regional, national and international partners we have selected the interventions that will be implemented in the coming period. This project will consist of a combination of water harvesting, climate smart agriculture and nature conservation. Some interesting facts: the area of Mtanana has been part of a British groundnut plantation that has been established in the end of the 1940’s, and the remnants are still visible in the almost 200km of contour bunds. In total more than 300,000 trees will be planted, both on these bunds and in woodland plots, which will become part of a larger agroforestry system.


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