November 13, 2019

Campaigns 2019!

Campaigns 2019!

It’s becoming more and more known that nature based solutions are THE way to reverse climate change. To spread this message even faster, we develop positive awareness campaigns. And because we are in a bit of a hurry, we have developed five different campaigns in four different countries this fall! Did you spot them already?

The campaigns are specifically developed for each country. In Kenya we show the digging techniques (Justdiggit!), and in Tanzania we developed a Kisiki Hai do-it-yourself. In our Dutch, German and global online campaign we simplify the scientific research documents into a more understandable language: regreening = cooling!

Take a look at all our campaigns:

Without the selflessly support of our great partners and ambassadors we couldn’t have developed these campaigns:

  • Creation:
    Havas Lemz – Havas Germany – Havas Africa
  • Video: 
    Nonye Onwuka – Joost Bienemann – Eldar Gross – Marc Hears – Safi Graauw
  • Sound design:
  • Voice overs:
    Floortje Dessing – Thomas D – Jaymondy – Jonathan Brown