Wir von Justdiggit finden: Es ist es an der Zeit, beim Thema Klimawandel positive Botschaften und Hoffnung zu verbreiten. Die Menschen sollen sehen, dass es möglich ist, Ökosysteme wiederherzustellen: Es gibt eine Lösung.

Highlights 2020

29 Dezember 2020
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2020 ist fast vorbei… was für ein Jahr! Trotz der Herausforderungen, die dieses Jahr mit sich gebracht hat, haben wir viele Highlights, die wir jetzt erst recht mit dir teilen möchten! Zum Beispiel: wir haben 14.500 Bunds gegraben, drei neue Grassamenbänke in unsere Projekte aufgenommen, in neuen Ländern losgelegt und intensiv an (neuen) Partnerschaften gearbeitet. Lehn dich zurück, entspann dich und lies alles übere unsere Highlights im Jahr 2020! 

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Justdiggit kündigt Partnerschaft mit Disclosure an

17 November 2020

Wir freuen uns, unsere brandneue Partnerschaft mit Disclosure bekanntzugeben. Das britische Duo für Electromusik hat unser Team letzten Februar auf einem Trip nach Tsavo-West in Kenia begleitet, um sich anzuschauen, wie die Stiftung arbeitet und wie sie mit etlichen Initiativen die Gemeinden vor Ort unterstützt.

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Campaigns 2019!

13 November 2019
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It’s becoming more and more known that nature based solutions are THE way to reverse climate change. To spread this message even faster, we develop positive awareness campaigns. And because we are in a bit of a hurry, we have developed five different campaigns in four different countries this fall! Did you spot them already?

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GROUNDbreaking news: Justdiggit’s Regreening platform!

30 September 2019
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From now on you can invest in a greener and cooler climate by working together with a farmer in Kenya and seeing the result directly. With our new Regreening platform developed in collaboration with our partner DEPT Agency!

By registering on the Regreening platform you can buy your own unique bunds. Bunds – which we also like to call earth smiles – are moon shaped pits that collect rainwater in dry areas. With this you ensure regreening and directly support an African farmer who digs the bunds. A true win-win situation! After digging, you will receive a photo of your bund and regular updates. This way you can follow the regreening closely!

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Timberland and Justdiggit partnership will bring back 10 million trees in Tanzania

05 September 2019
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Timberland and Justdiggit partnership will bring back 10 million trees in Tanzania!
As part of its pursuit of a greener future, Timberland today has announced a bold commitment to plant or grow 50 million trees worldwide over the next five years, helping to fight the effects of climate change and build stronger communities.


Out of Home advertising

12 August 2019
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Some of the Tanzanian villages that practice Kisiki Hai are promoting the regreening method through Out Of Home (or ‚On My Home‘?) advertising.

‚Kijanisha Dodoma Iwe Poa‘ means ‚A greener Dodoma is a cooler Dodoma‘.

Partner of the UN Environment Programme

06 August 2019
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We are honoured to announce that Justdiggit became an official partner of the UN Environment Programme! As the UN Declared 2021-2030 as “Decade of Ecosystem Restoration”, we decided to work together on launching a worldwide regreen revolution. Let’s work in name of the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration!

Beehive fences?

30 Juli 2019

This is a story about elephants, bees and grass seed banks. Sorry? Let’s start this story by telling you that the Maasai women groups are doing a great job in managing the grass seed banks, but have problems with elephants trying to get in the banks. Elephants like to eat the grasses and unfortunately damage the fences. Now, here it comes: By hanging beehives on the fences they will stay away, because elephants are terrified of bees! 

Organization Safe the Elephants came up with this innovative solution! They developed and ensured the funding of the beehive fences for the grass seed banks!

Read more about these fences and their additional benefits ->

Intermediate training

03 Juli 2019

A large part of our champion farmers have reached a new regreening level! They have followed a 5-day intermediate training. And they were eager to learn!

Besides improving their Kisiki Hai skills to bring back trees, the farmers learned about monitoring and evaluating the growing trees, they learned the new techniques Fanya Juu and Fanya Chini and they further developed their leadership and training skills. This allows them to transfer their knowledge of regreening even better to the other farmers!

Curious about Fanya Juu and Chini? Read it here >

New movie roadshow

13 Juni 2019
movement documentary

After a successful first movie (that reached 324 villages and about 200,000 people in the Dodoma region in Tanzania), it’s time for a follow-up! We’re going back to the villages in Dodoma with a new road show.

In Kisiki Hai I we introduced the farmers to the regreening technique Kisiki Hai (translated from Swahili: living stump), in the second part a clear sequel in which we go deeper into the techniques and where we can already show the first success stories.

A film by Justdiggit and LEAD Foundation
Directed by Wild Tree Video Productions

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