Give a
green gift
and contribute to a cooler planet

A gift that promotes regreening and cools down the planet: How cool is that!

By gifting bunds you give a person their own piece of green and contribute to a cooler Earth at the same time, and it even comes with a personalized certificate! When the bunds are dug, the recipient gets pictures of the bunds in their account.

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How to buy a green gift?

  1. Go to the bundplatform and click on ‘Buy a bund’
  2. Indicate that you would like to gift a bund as well as how many bunds you would like to gift. Make sure to note who you would like to give the bunds to. 
  3. Once your purchase is done, you will receive an email with a vouchercode and a certificate that indicates the number of bunds + the name of the receiver. You can forward this directly to the person who is receiving the gift. You can also print the certificate and give it in person together with the vouchercode. 
  4. The receiver can fill in their unique code on the bund platform by clicking on ‘Buy a bund’ and then on ‘Do you have a voucher?’. After filling in the vouchercode the number of bunds will appear, the receiver can then complete the transaction on the number of bunds, however, the total will be 0 euro in this case because the bunds have already been paid for. 
  5. The bund credits will be added to the account of the receiver. As soon as the bunds have been dug, they will receive photos of their unique bunds as part of the gift.
  6. Share the bund certificate on social media and tag @justdiggit!

Want to give bunds
as a company?

This gift is not only suitable for friends and family, but also for businesses as a gift to their partners or co-workers. By giving bunds as a company, you can collectively invest in a greener planet. Go to the bund platform and find out more. 

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What happens with my donation?

When you donate to Justdiggit you directly contribute to a greener and cooler planet! Besides investing in a healthier planet, your donation also helps us to improve water- and food security, biodiversity, the regional economy, and the livelihoods of many. Below you can find more information on what exactly happens with your investment.

How your donation contributes

With your donation, you make a direct impact on:

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A greener planet makes a cooler planet

With your donation you contribute to the regreening of Africa. By restoring all degraded land on Earth, we can mitigate global warming by 37%!

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Restoring land = more biodiversity

Our regreening projects help to restore the water balance in the soil and bring back vegetation. This also promotes biodiversity within the project areas.

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Engaging communities & local partners

The communities involved directly benefit from our programs as we create a better living environment and increase economic development.