Juli 3, 2019

Intermediate training

Intermediate training

A large part of our champion farmers have reached a new regreening level! They have followed a 5-day intermediate training. And they were eager to learn!

Besides improving their Kisiki Hai skills to bring back trees, the farmers learned about monitoring and evaluating the growing trees, they learned the new techniques Fanya Juu and Fanya Chini and they further developed their leadership and training skills. This allows them to transfer their knowledge of regreening even better to the other farmers!

Fanya Juu and Fanya Chini

The farmers not only learned more about Kisiki Hai, they have also learned two new regreening techniques: Fanya Juu and Fanya Chini. With these methods farmers dig countours within their farmland in order to harvest rainwater.

  • Fanya Juu means ‘throw it upwards’ in Swahili. It prevents the rain falling outside of the farm from entering the farm, inhibiting erosion of the fertile soil.
  • Fanya Chini means ‘throw it downwards’, and prevents the rain falling within the farm to flood away, increasing the water availability for the crops on the land.

In the end it helps the farmers to regreen their land! Watch the instruction movie to learn more about this technique.