• Re-Greening Projects

    We can create rain!


Justdiggit leads and participates in re-greening projects in areas impacted by desertification. To be effective and sustainable we work locally and apply techniques that best suit local conditions. 

We are actively contributing to these solutions by restoring strategically located degraded lands on a large scale using rainwater harvesting techniques and conservation methods. In doing so we create ‘Hydrologic Corridors’, large areas of land that are re-greened and interconnect as their vegetation and water cycles expand. They create local atmospheric changes that results in more and equally distributed rain in the whole area. Yes we can create rain!

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The first Justdiggit projects in Amboseli are finished and delivered on time and within budget. The neighboring Kuku project will be finished in November 2016 before the big rains.

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In Morocco we’re going to re-green 3,000,000 ha with our Hydrologic Corridor program. Our first project as part of the program started and will color 3,000 ha green. 

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From beginning 2017 the first project of our Hydrologic Corridor program in Tanzania will be executed. 

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