You can now (virtually) visit our project sites!

To truly understand how nature-based solutions transform entire landscapes, ecosystems and communities, you have to see it with your own eyes.

And that’s where we run into a problem: we can’t transport the entire world to our project areas. With this interactive experience, we found a solution. We decided to bring our regreening projects directly to you. Virtually, wherever you are. Come on in and experience Our World!


About Our World

Using your computer, smartphone or tablet, you can now immerse yourself in the daily life at our project sites. You will experience the gifts of nature, explore new possibilities for a better tomorrow, and feel the beating heart of one of the most ambitious regreening movements in Africa – as if you were right there with us. 

The chapters

  • Camp
  • Water bunds
  • Grass seed bank
  • LEAD Foundation Camp
  • Treecovery Farm
  • Movie Roadshow


Our projects are taking place on a gigantic scale in multiple different regions in Sub-Saharan Africa. As you can imagine, a lot of preparation, strategy and planning is involved! That’s why Nyati Camp in Kuku Group Ranch is such an important piece of the puzzle. In many ways, it’s the headquarters of ‘Operation Earth Smiles’. Have a look for yourself and find out how community-led regreening is done in Kuku.

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Water bunds

Have you ever wondered how large water bunds are, what they look like from above and with which tools they are dug? You no longer have to rely on us to tell you this; with Our World, you can experience the answers for yourself! By clicking on the button below, you will be directly transported to one of our water bund sites in Rombo, Kenya where you can freely look around and soak up important insights into the regreening process.

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Grass seed bank

Grass seed banks are a green oasis in dry and degraded areas. Here, native grass seeds are grown for the benefit of communities and ecosystems. If you want to know more about this, we have some good news. You are just a short ride away from a grass seed bank in Kuku Group Ranch in Kenya. If you click on this button, a group of women from the Maasai community – the owners and managers of these projects – will gladly welcome you and show you around their site.

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LEAD Foundation Camp

Founded by a former bishop who has devoted his life to environmental protection and community development, LEAD Foundation has led regreening efforts in Tanzania since 2011. They partnered up with us in 2017 to bring back over 17,5 million trees with Treecovery. By clicking this button, you get a look behind the scenes at the heart of the operation itself: the LEAD Foundation camp. You might learn a thing or two about LEAD’s unique community-first approach and how we monitor our regreening progress!

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Treecovery Farm

We want the entire world to know just how much of a game-changer bringing back trees from forgotten tree stumps is. Regenerating old trees instead of planting new ones works quicker and is more sustainable because it involves native species and existing root systems. By going to this part of the experience, you have the opportunity to learn about this method first-hand and understand its potential. You can share it with your own community afterward, and help us regreen the planet!

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Movie Roadshow

We’ve tried many times to explain just how wonderful and inspiring movie roadshows are, but words don’t seem to cut it. That’s why we decided you should experience it for yourself. If you click on this button, you will be transported to this buzzing event where you will learn how we teach people about regreening and Treecovery. We hope you brought your best outfit and are in a festive mood!

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Feel the beating heart of one of the most ambitious regreening movements in Africa – as if you were right there with us.

Thanks to the following partners

This experience is presented to you by Lama Lama, Wolfstreet, SoundsRight, Nanda Hagenaars and 8th Wall. A collaboration between Justdiggit, LEAD Foundation and Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.