Way of Working

Our team includes specialists from different backgrounds: science, corporates, marketing and NGO’s. These are our core values: 

Ambitious – Optimistic – Active – Collaborative – Entrepreneurial

We create major impact through close partnerships with local and international volunteers, organizations and corporations. From other NGO’s to advertising agencies: By joining forces with small and large partners we scale-up our regreening programs and campaigning activities as fast and efficiently as possible. 

Want to be part of our team? 

Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Marjolein_Albers

Marjolein Albers

Managing Director
'‘Our planet is what we all have in common, so let’s unite and take action to re-green and restore the earth, when it is still possible.''
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Mary_Bezabeh

Mary Bezabeh

Marketing Communications Manager Africa
''As an Ethiopian living in the Netherlands, Justdiggit is a home away from home. restoring my beautiful continent is not a job but a passion I wake up for.''
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Samwel_Jakinda

Samwel Jakinda

Technical support landscape restoration
“I am enthusiastic about ensuring sustainable access to water and sanitation for all with special focus in rural communities. The use of landscapes for rainwater harvesting for human, livestock, wildlife and plants is something that has always interested me. I am therefore delighted to make my contribution to the Justdiggit restoration programme which uses sustainable models to restore degraded lands.”
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Emmanuel_Atamba_Oriedo

Emmanuel Atamba Oriedo

Landscape restoration enterprise developer
"I am super excited to join Justdiggit! Within my function I will contribute to eradicating hunger in some of the harshest environments, supporting livelihoods and bettering the lives of communities while reversing the effects of climate change and negative impacts of our activities on earth."
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Dennis_Karpes

Dennis Karpes

Co-Founder & Creative Director
When we damage the Earth, we damage ourselves. At last, most of us are aware of this, because of the huge awakening that we are in. We human beings are as vulnerable as any other living species, and we depend on healthy ecosystems, and the services that Mother Earth provides. We are building a global restoration movement that has never been seen before, and it will only succeed if everyone will play their part! So why not join us? Dig in.
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Ayoub_Asenga

Ayoub Asenga

Young Expert Tanzania
“Working with our hands, mind, hope and being interconnected is among the highest evolution of our species. With that we can provide critical means of livelihood to communities and climate change resilience through restoration of ecosystem functions and services.”
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Angelina_Tarimo

Angelina Tarimo

Young Expert Monitoring & Evaluation - Tanzania
''We have degraded our environment for decades and we are responsible to restore it, I join the combined effort and a positive outlook for Earth to be greener again. Earth has hugged us, it's time to hug it back.''
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Wessel_van_Eeden

Wessel van Eeden

Marketing Director
"Social marketing is my passion, and climate change is one of the biggest challenges for mankind but also a pretty political subject fort he average person. By promoting our positive solution driven projects to the world we can make a huge difference on the ground in Africa and in the hearts and minds of people around the world. #Justdiggit"
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Wessel_Koning

Wessel Koning

Director Global Business Development & Partnerships
"What you focus on expands."
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Nadia_de_Waal

Nadia de Waal

Global Manager Marketing & Communications
"Hope, optimism, positivity and action for a greater good, all in one organization. It's a privilege working here!"
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Niels_Dierckx

Niels Dierckx

Programs Director
"Every day we are being flooded by negative news. Justdiggit gives a backlash: We can take action to make the world a little better!"
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Godlove_Kihupi

Godlove Kihupi

Communication & Marketing - Dodoma region
"Because we have the power today to change tomorrow."
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Tabby_Njung'e

Tabby Njung’e

Monitoring & Evaluation Expert
''I’m motivated in working to ensure that environmental conservation and socio-economic needs of people work in tandem. I’m excited to be part of Justdiggit, working with local teams and communities to help restore degraded lands and farms through hands-on restoration approaches and tools, one tree at a time indeed.''
Rebecca Blinston Jones

Rebecca Blinston-Jones

UK Head of Marketing & PR
"What I love about Justdiggit is how they use positive storytelling to drive change amongst the communities they work with. With climate change being at the top of the agenda for governments, businesses and consumers alike, this role is an amazing opportunity for me to be part of something that is making a real difference."
Ruth Wamugi - website photo

Ruth Wamugi

Program Finance Officer Nairobi
"I look forward to waking up and enjoying a green scenery around me. So, let’s join hands to make our world a greener place and conserve our environment."
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Stuart_Taylor

Stuart Taylor

Country Director UK
"The natural world is suffering and climate change is the most urgent issue of our time. The Justdiggit solution is proven, scalable and makes a long term impact by hitting the sweet spot in helping people, wildlife and the planet. It's a privilege to be part of this amazing team."
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Adriaan_Kauffmann

Adriaan Kauffmann

Managing Director Justdiggit Kenya Office
"Very excited to contribute to a greener planet."
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Sander_de_Haas

Sander de Haas

Chief Technical Officer
"By taking action we can really make an impact for the communities, the environment and the climate!"
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Merel_Rikveld

Merel Rikveld

Manager Business Development & Partnerships
"As a Business Development & Partnerships Manager, I am committed to establish shared value partnerships with both national and international brands and companies, to jointly ensure that we can regreen even more large areas of dry land in Africa for a positive impact on the climate."
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Cris_van_Wolffelaar

Cris van Wolffelaar

Manager NL Marketing & Communications
"What’s a more rewarding job to do than to make the world a greener place? I believe the only way to create change is by spreading a message of hope and optimism: exactly what Justdiggit stands for."
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Cindy_van_der_Top

Cindy van der Top

Finance Manager
"Just digging it to work for this wonderful organisation full of enthusiastic and professional people, doing good for Africa!"
Profile picture Jackline Kemboi

Jackie Kemboi

Landscape Restoration Quality Coordinator
"I’m motivated by the challenges in the rangelands that need solutions. Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. It’s high time we Just Dig, restore the ecosystem and cool down the planet."
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Thijs_van_der_Zaan

Thijs van der Zaan

Program Officer
“One of the biggest challenges of our time is figuring out how to live as a part of nature, instead of working against it. Contributing to solving this problem is one of the greatest motivators there is!"
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Margot_Frederiks

Margot Frederiks

Project Manager
"Regreening land and positively impacting people and climate. I can’t think of a better work motivation!"
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_George_munyao_King’ola

George munyao Kingola

Project Coordinator Kuku
"As a natural resourcist, I am appalled by the degradation of biodiversity caused by human activities. With my passion for nature and the experience I have, I am sure together we are going to give this planet a new lease of life. Climate change is real and has no boundaries!"
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Jackson_Mwato

Jackson Mwato

Project Coordinator Amboseli
"I am deeply concerned about the necessity of capturing the skills of the Maasai elders (before it is too late). I want to share (transferring) the wisdom and culture of the Maasai with the world and provide avenues of community empowerment - economically, socially and culturally. I am a conservationist committed to bringing conservation solutions to preserve the wildlife and empower and sustain the people."
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Lana_Muller

Lana Muller

Project Coordinator Kuku
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Tjeerd_van_der_Hulst

Tjeerd van der Hulst

Art Director
"I can’t think of a better mission than to help nature flourish again and to create a future full of abundance. I’m grateful to be part of this beautiful team and will use my passion for creativity to boost this positive movement!"
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Senne_van't_Hof

Senne van ‘t Hof

Marketing, Communication & Program support
"Creating a planet on which we all can jointly live together: plants, animals and humans. I can’t think of a better goal!"
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Njamasi_Chiwanga

Njamasi Chiwanga

Regreening Program - Dodoma region
"Born and raised in Dodoma, central Tanzania, I always hear old people saying that the place was once like the garden of Eden with lots of harvests, trees and all-season rivers. This has remained a history and there is a threat of it to become a desert in the near future. I have always wished to return the environment back to its original condition. Through the opportunity I have got to work with Justdiggit, I believe my ambitious dream of regreening Dodoma region is becoming a reality."
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_DJ_van_Styrum

DJ van Styrum

Strategy & Partnerships
"We need a greater sense of urgency as we are running out of time to solve one of the world’s most pressing problems. It’s a privilege to work with this dedicated team and play our part to contribute to a better world."
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Lucy_Liwa

Lucy Liwa

Regreening Program - Dodoma region
"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Romy_de_Groot

Romy de Groot

Social Media Manager
I grab my shovel out of the barn to preserve nature and biodiversity. We need to take care of our planet! Or as Audrey Hepburn said: "To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Chris_de Jong

Chris de Jong

‘‘An effective response to climate change is of unprecedented importance. Now more than ever! It is amazing to work together in an ambitious team to support the inspiring mission of Justdiggit: 'positively impacting nature, climate and people by regreening Africa.’’
carlijn ZW

Carlijn Huesken

Business Developer
''Having been born and raised in southern Africa I have witnessed the effects of land degradation firsthand. I am very proud to be working with this ambitious team of individuals to do our part in regreening the continent and positively impacting local communities, nature and the climate.''
Zara-Grace Hussey

Zara-Grace Hussey

Marketing, Communications & Ireland BDR
Photo Zoe

Zoe Reining

Marketing & Communications Intern
"The second I found out about Justdiggit, I knew that I wanted to work with them. Justdiggit gives me hope and motivation that we can save this planet if we only all work together. I am super excited to now be part of this amazing team and contribute to the regreening revolution. As Jonathon Porritt rightfully said The future is green or not at all."
Claudia de Groot

Claudia de Groot

Social Media & Online Community Management Intern
“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew”, said philosopher Marschall McLuhan. And I fully endorse that, because only by working together can we combat climate change. That's why I'm helping Justdiggit spread their message worldwide: together we can cool the earth down again. "
Norah Keuter

Norah Keuter

Design Intern
"I'm super excited to join Justdiggit's team as an intern and learn a lot of new things. I love to design and what motivates me even more is that ultimately, we all work towards the same goal: cooling down our planet."
Anna Nwankwo

Anna Nwankwo

Marketing & Communications Intern
"My African roots have always made me aware of the consequences global warming has to the continent and the actions we ourselves need to take to restore our earth. That is why I am extremely proud to join Justdiggit on the collective mission of regreening and cooling down our planet: dig in!"

Gemma Newbold

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Intern
photo Jos Huijbregts bw

Jos Huijbregts

CFO, strategist and teacher
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Supervisory board_Erik_Hallers

Erik Hallers

Founder Conclusion
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Supervisory board_Tineke_Balhmann

Tineke Bahlmann

Professor (em), Commissary / supervisor and advisor strategy and organization
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Supervisory board_Eddy_Moors

Eddy Moors

Rector at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Supervisory board_Harold_Knebel

Harold Knebel (chairman)

CEO & Partner bij IBS Capital Allies
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Advisory board_Vineel_Agarwal

Vineel Agarwal

Managing Partner Havas Africa
‘'I support Justdiggit's mission and I am proud to associate myself and Havas Media with them. With a strong belief in building meaningful connections, as a marketer, I would like to work together with an impact towards such initiatives and social causes.'’
Marlene Wickel RVA

Marlene Wickel

Managing Director at Jean Mineur Mediavision
Team & Board_About us_ Justdiggit_advisory board_Olivier_Oullier

Olivier Oullier

Neuroscientist x entrepreneur - President at EMOTIV
''Justdiggit protects the planet by re-greening deserted areas and improves the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people. I’m proud to become an advisor to help scale the impact made by this inspirational team.''
Team & Board_About us_ Justdiggit_advisory board_Volker_Schlöndorff

Volker Schlöndorff

Movie director
''I am happy and proud to join JUSTDIGGIT’s advisory Board. For more than 2 years now I have been criss crossing the Sahel zone, and I can certify: no regreening is more efficient and more fun than JUSTDIGGIT’s! Using the wisdom of farmers and bishops alike, spreading the word by comedians and experts alike, JUSTDIGGIT educates, motivates and simply DOES.''
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Advisory board_Judith_Peters

Judith Peters

Vice President Head of Channels & Marketing at ViacomCBS Benelux
''I find it fantastic to see how Justdiggit fulfills her mission and makes dry land green again - with 'simple' techniques and communication. It has so much impact on farmers and the climate. We should all contribute to this!''
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Advisory board_Jessie_de_Boer

Jessie de Boer

Co-founder of L.E.A.F. Africa at L.E.A.F. Africa
''Don't ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and go do it, because that's what the world needs, people who have come alive. Justdiggit ticks this box - and so many more.''
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Advisory board_Jenny_Elissen

Jenny Elissen

Founder at Giantleapers.com, Founder at theinterdependent.nl
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Advisory board_Jaime_de_Bourbon_de_Parme

Jaime de Bourbon de Parme

Climate Envoy of The Netherlands
‘'I want nothing more than to make a positive impact. That is why I proudly support the mission of Justdiggit. If we can stop future climate migration through large-scale re-greening, that is a very desirable result.'’
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Advisory board_Willem_Blom_Dept

Willem Blom

Entrepreneur and impact investor
‘'Justdiggit makes the world greener, which is necessary to combat climate change. With a very passionate team, smart techniques and dedication from the local population. I fully support the mission of Justdiggit and like to contribute on the digital part.'’
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Advisory board_Susan_Mashibe

Susan Mashibe

Executive Director at VIA Aviation Limited
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Advisory board_Mashiri_Zvarimwa

Mashiri Zvarimwa

Building entrepreneurial synergies and sustainable ecosystems of innovation The planet Earth and its Nature are a special GIFT to humanity.
''I am super proud to be part of a movement that is giving back to this GIFT that keeps on giving. You too can join the re-greening bandwagon and make a difference today.''
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Advisory board_Olivier_Karg

Olivier Karg

Co-Founder bij Cube Investment
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Advisory board_Seynabou_Ba

Seynabou Ba

Founder of ESG Africa | 22 years international E&S risk management| Partner with private sector 2 drive impact via SDGs
‘'I dig Justdiggit because it just makes sense, the earth is heating up so let’s cool it. I was attracted by the fact that there is a simple and effective solution that everyone can understand and contribute to. Let’s stop bullying the earth and instead protect trees.'’
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Advisory board_Allard_Ruyl

Allard Ruyl

CEO @ Talpa Media Solutions
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Advisory board_Ignace_Schops

Ignace Schops

Director at RLKM - President EUROPARC Federation
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Advisory board_Titus_Eikelboom

Titus Eikeleboom

Entrepreneur | Consultant in Media, Content & Communications | Investor
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Advisory board_Tim_Dekens

Tim Dekens

Design Lead & Strategy at Tikkie | Founder The Change Starts | Advice Cinetree
“The energy with which Justdiggit works towards a greener and better world, without losing sight of commerce, is insanely contagious and exactly what we need for the inevitable transition.’’
Team & Board_About us_Justdiggit_Advisory board_Dennis_Kuperus

Dennis Kuperus

Global Head of Innovation Kinetic (a WPP company)