We can restore the balance on our planet, but time is pressing

We are an official partner of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. Let us tell you all about this decade and our role in it!

Ecosystems are important for life on earth and a healthy ecosystem has a positive effect on the people that live in it! Unfortunately, the planet’s ecosystems have been brought out of balance. The degradation of the environment happens when resources are taken without consideration of the effects on the ecosystems. Luckily, we can still restore the balance, but time is pressing. By bringing a stop to degradation and adapting the way we use ecosystems, we can bring back their functionalityUN Decade

Ecosystem restoration

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What is the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)?

Within the United Nations system, the UNEP acts as a global advocate for the environment.

With its leading knowledge, it creates the program for sustainable development in the environment. This is done through various projects that aim to restore nature or avoid further damage to it. Since the need to restore the environment is more urgent than ever, UNEP has come with The Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021 – 2030). As Justdiggit, we are proud to be one of the UNEP’s main partners of this decade! Further down this page, you can read more about how we are involved.

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What is the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration?

The UN has given the restoration of ecosystems a decade as scientists say that the next 10 years are most important in the fight against climate change. The coming decade will give us the opportunity to change the tide.

It runs from 2021 through to 2030 and will end in the deadline for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Only by working together can we achieve a sustainable future.

The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration focuses on preventing, halting and reversing the degradation of ecosystems. It is a movement built to remind the world of the importance and urgency of a sustainable future for both people and planet. Restoring ecosystems is not only profitable for nature but could end poverty and avoid mass extinction. By bringing together political support, scientific research and a financial backup, The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration can regreen the planet to cool it down!

How is Justdiggit supporting the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration?

As Justdiggit we took up the challenge and joined the movement!

By regreening landscapes in Africa, Justdiggit has an unique nature-based solution for restoring Ecosystems. The vitality of the soil of many farmlands has been exhausted by over-cropping, overgrazing, or removing trees and hedges. This makes the soil vulnerable to erosion and results in the loss of fertility. Through different projects, we work to restore the water balance in the soil and bring back vegetation, which has a positive effect on the local and regional climate, increases water and food security, and promotes biodiversity within the project areas. Furthermore, by working together with the local communities Justdiggit spreads the word on landscape restoration and creates a movement throughout Africa!

We also use landscape restoration as an effective way to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The results of our projects have huge positive socio-economic impacts as well as addressing climate change and biodiversity loss.

What can you do to support
The Decade of Ecosystem Restoration?

If everyone does their part, we can restore ecosystems by 2030!

Our part is supporting the landscape restoration in Africa. That could be your part too! By supporting and thus joining Justdiggit’s Regreen Revolution you can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


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