It’s time to speed up
and scale up.

Global warming is moving in fast, we have only one decade to slow it down.

The United Nations have declared this decade, the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. This decade is crucial and we have to make the transition to a sustainable way of living. To put action to words, all United Nations Member States adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, as a universal call to action to protect the planet and end poverty and  inequality by 2030. 

In total there are 17 SDGs and they are integrated; action in one area will affect outcomes in others. The funding of these goals come not only from the public sector but also from the private sector. SDGs provide a framework for addressing and resolving challenges. 


On which SDG's do Justdiggit’s projects focus?

Justdiggit impacts 8 of the UN’s SDGs with clear and tangible metrics on carbon, trees, area regreened, water, and people, so there are many ways we can make an impact together.

  1. #1 No Poverty
  2. #2 Zero Hunger
  3. #5 Gender Equality
  4. #6 Clean Water and Sanitation
  5. #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  6. #13 Climate Action
  7. #15 Life on Land
  8. #17 Partnerships for the Goals

Since the SDGs are all integrated, the actions in one area will automatically affect the other.

Working on your SDG's with Us

At Justdiggit we create tailormade value propositions that impact at least 8 out of the 17 SDGs. Take a look at our business page for more information about the various impact solutions and partnership examples!

Business Partnerships
Justdiggit x Timberland

Poster of Justdiggit's parnership with Timberland

How Justdiggit's work affect the SDG's.


woman grass seed banks

#1 No Poverty

A greener land provides many opportunities for the local people and communities. Justdiggit works to educate and mobilize predominantly subsistence farmers living on under $2/day to regreen their land. By regreening their own land, the local communities have better water and food security. As a result of regreening, crop yields can increase by 16% and household income by 33%.


#6 Clean Water and Sanitation

At Justdiggit we have combined ancient techniques with modern science and have captured billions of litres of rainwater by bringing them back into the soil and watershed through the semi-circular water bunds and by bringing back trees. 

Temperature difference vegetation soil

#13 Climate Action

Through Justdiggit’s nature-based solutions, new vegetation is created and carbon is taken out of the air into the plants, trees and the soil. With these programs, we take tons of carbon out of the air.