Great news: we started digging again!

18 March 2021

We pick up our shovels and start digging again in a brand-new project area: Inkisanjani, Kenya! In total over 30,000 bunds will be dug in the area by 100 motivated community members.


Buy your own Justdiggit blanket!

09 March 2021

Last Friday our brand new partner VOITED launched a special Justdiggit blanket. The exclusive design is inspired by our projects and shows that everyone can start regreening, just by picking up a shovel! Made of 100% recycled material, this Justdiggit blanket will keep you warm during the coldest outdoor camping nights while dreaming of a greener earth.   


Digitally reaching millions of farmers with our new partner: KaiOS!

25 February 2021

We are excited to have started a collaboration with KaiOS that enables us to bring our Regreening skills to the phones of farmers. With KaiOS as our new partner, we can scale up regreening and at the same time close the digital divide!

Read more about this Partnership->

Thesis Collaboration with Lorenzo Villani

23 January 2021

Lorenzo Villani, in collaboration with Justdiggit and MetaMeta, researched the effect of trees on cooling down microclimates and ultimately the earth. 

Read some exciting results from his study ->

Highlights 2020

29 December 2020
partners movement project

2020 is almost over and… what a year it has been! Despite the challenges this year brought along, we have many highlights to share with you nonetheless! For instance: we dug 14,500 bunds, added three new grass seed banks, expanded to new countries, and worked hard on our (new) partnerships. Sit back and relax and read all about our highlights of 2020! 


Three new Grass Seed Banks

15 December 2020

When it comes to our grass seed banks projects, we always say the grass is greener… when collaborating with a women’s group! The projects are going so well that we decided to set up three new banks in our project in Olgulului-Ololarashi (OOGR), Kenya. Time for a little update!


Bringing back 84,000 trees with Winclove Probiotics

03 December 2020

Together with our partner Winclove Probiotics, we’ve started to bring back 84,000 trees in Tanzania this year. By bringing back these trees, we regreen 2100 ha of land: an area almost twice the size of Amsterdam North, the home base of Winclove Probiotics.

Read more about this partnership ->

New partner: EarthToday accelerates nature protection at scale

19 November 2020

Recently, we partnered up with EarthToday, a platform that seeks to raise awareness about the state of our planet and accelerate its protection. EarthToday raises funds for various organizations and communities that are involved in nature conservation and recovery, including Justdiggit.


Disclosure Announce Partnership with Justdiggit

17 November 2020

We are proud to announce our brand new partnership with Disclosure. The British electronic music duo joined our team last February on a trip to Tsavo-West in Kenya to learn more about the work the foundation undertakes in order to positively serve the local communities through a number of initiatives. 


Final Digging Day

06 November 2020

On the last day of October, we have had our Final Digging Day of 2020. In the Enkii area in Kenya, we have reached our local regreening goal: 32,400 bunds have been dug.



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