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Please note that the following is only relevant for Dutch taxpayers. For countries outside the Netherlands, check out this page.

Give more for the same amount

Did you know you can receive more with the same amount of money? Let’s start with an example: 

With a periodic donation agreement, you do not only support Justdiggit’s mission but also receive a significant amount back from the Tax Authority. Consider the following situation: If you donate €1000 per year, there are two options to choose from. 

In the first option, the regular gift, you donate the full amount without any financial benefits. However, in the second option, the periodic donation, you receive €586 back from the Tax Authority. You have the choice to keep this money for yourself or, if you prefer, donate it to Justdiggit. By adding the refunded amount to your gift, you can contribute even more to our mission of regreening degraded land and fighting climate change. This allows you to make a greater impact without any additional cost to you. Your support can help us create a lasting change. This example is based on tax bracket one (2022): an income up to €86,508 with a tax rate of 37.1%  (2022).

Please visit our Dutch page to use our calculation tool and discover your tax benefits!

Periodic donation for individuals

Are you planning to support Justdiggit for at least five years? By recording your contribution in a periodic donation agreement, your donation becomes 100% tax deductible from your income tax, thanks to Justdiggit’s ANBI-status. The minimum amount is 50 euros per year. You can deduct this donation from your tax return. You get part back a part of the amount from the tax authorities when you file your tax return. If you then want to (partly) donate that tax benefit, you pay the same net amount, but donate a lot more!

Tax benefits for entities

Donating to Justdiggit is not only advantageous for individuals who want to record their donation in a periodic donation agreement. It is also advantageous for entities! In fact, a donation is partially deductible from corporate tax. Use the tool below to calculate what the tax benefit amounts to for you.


Record your periodic donation in three simple steps:

Step 1: Download the agreement periodic cash donation

Download the ‘Agreement periodic cash donation’ here (the document is in Dutch). Send the completed form to or to Justdiggit, Prins Hendrikkade 25, 1012 TM Amsterdam. You will then receive a signed copy for your own administration.

Details Justdiggit

  • Legal name: Justdiggit Foundation
  • Brand name: Justdiggit
  • Chamber of Commerce number: 51457008
  • RSIN/fiscal (identification) number: 850026556
  • Bank details: IBAN NL59 RABO 0160 3724 88
  • Swift code: RABONL2U

Step 2: Receive a signed copy of the agreement periodic cash donation

After receiving the form, you will receive a signed copy of Justdiggit’s donation agreement by post or e-mail. The agreement includes your personal transaction number, which you will need for your tax return. Keep this document safe!

Step 3: Deduct the annual amount of your periodic donation from your income taxes 

You can then deduct the full amount of your annual periodic donation from your income tax. To do this, you need our fiscal RSIN number (850026556).


Calculate your tax benefit with our ANBI calculation tool

Curious about the tax benefit for you as an individual or entity? Make use of the various functionalities in our ANBI calculation tool:


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