Regreening African landscapes: Green
and cool.

Imagine being able to inspire millions of subsistence farmers to restore their degraded lands, using proven nature-based solutions.

Can you imagine the enormous effects this will have on crop yields, household income, biodiversity, water availability, the regional climate and climate change globally?

And could this be done, instead of moving slowly from one area to the next on the ground, by motivating everyone together in one interconnected, international movement? One that brings together other INGOs, governments and companies, and one that connects a farmer in Senegal with another in Malawi?

At Justdiggit, we’ve made a promise to the planet to regreen Africa within the next decade, and our goal is to inspire and empower people all over the world to join us.

Tanzania _ Justdiggit

Scaling up landscape restoration and regreen Africa

Our work includes combining landscape restoration techniques with the power of media and communication, data, and mobile technology. Our restoring efforts are powered by our network of the largest international media organizations in order to scale up. We partner with local, national and international organizations and initiatives.  

Why Africa?

Over two thirds of the land in Africa is degraded. Yet, Africa also has the largest restoration potential of all continents on our beautiful planet, with the opportunity to protect and bring back biodiversity to some of the world’s most precious ecosystems. That’s why we focus on Africa.

Empowering farmers through regreening programs

In all our landscape restoration programs on the ground, we look for the best ways to closely cooperate with local partners and communities. A clear socio-economic benefit for them is also encouraged with each intervention so that we can ensure the programs are sustainable.

children raindance

People celebrating during the Raindance Festival, Tanzania. 2019.

Igniting a Regreen Revolution

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If we want to cool down the planet in one decade, everyone needs to be in on the change. The power of media, communication, data and the latest technology is used to spread our message and scale up.

Our goal is to inspire, unite and empower an entire generation, growing a landscape restoration movement.


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Join us, Dig in

Together, we’re faster. Our mission is to regreen African landscapes in the next 10 years, together with millions of farmers, and together with you. This is the decade of doing.

Join us. Dig in. Cool down the planet.

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