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We believe in the power of nature and in cooling down the planet together by regreening degraded land and bringing back vegetation. Our mission is to regreen African landscapes in the coming 10 years, together with all 350 million farmers, and with you.

To give nature a push, we empower and connect a movement of millions. So far, we’ve restored 300,000 hectares, brought back over 9 million trees, and built a grassroots movement that’s growing every day. We believe now is the time to speed up and scale up! No more talking. No more waiting. This is the Decade of Doing. Dig in & cool down the planet with us!

Simon Biyong Ambassador

Meet our Wonderful Ambassadors

Meet our wonderful group of ambassadors and friends who help us spread the word and spread the green.

Thanks to them we can tell our story to a large global audience and reach and mobilise even more people to join our regreen revolution!

This is The Decade of Doing

Imagine being able to inspire and empower millions of subsistence farmers to restore their degraded lands, using proven Sustainable Land Management techniques.

Can you imagine the enormous effects this will have on crop yields, household income, biodiversity, water availability, the regional climate and climate change globally? And could this be done, instead of moving slowly from one area to the next on the ground, by motivating everyone together in one interconnected, international movement?

At Justdiggit, our mission is to regreen African landscapes within the next decade, and our goal is to inspire and empower people all over the world to join us.


The Justdiggit Story


Team & Board

Together, we're faster

We are a dedicated team with offices in Amsterdam, Tanzania and Nairobi. As specialists from different backgrounds: science, corporate, marketing, NGO, are all complementary to each other, but we all have a shared vision and shared beliefs. 

Our Partners

From media agencies to international NGOs and businesses: only together with our amazing local & international partners and dedicated volunteers, we are able to scale up and make a positive climate impact.

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