Growing a Landscape restoration movement

Our global online and offline awareness campaigns are developed to promote nature-based solutions. With these campaigns, we want to inspire, unite and mobilize an entire generation and grow a landscape restoration movement.

Our awareness campaigns are broadcast across different media channels, from television and radio to online. This visibility extends not only into homes, but also out of home in the cinemas and on digital screens and billboards everywhere.

2022 commercial still

The greener, the cooler

Latest campaign

It’s easier to believe in regreening when you can see with your own eyes that it works. That’s why we recently launched our new campaign ‘The greener, the cooler’, together with our long time partner, creative agency, Havas Lemz. Get ready to be transported to Africa!

Justdiggit's Campaigns


Dig In2021

10 years left to act means it’s time to speed up and scale up the regreening of Africa! In our new campaign, we invite everyone to become part of the change and join us in our mission to cool down the planet. DIG IN!


Campaign 2019/2020

To promote our solution to the world, we develop positive campaigns. Our 2019/2020 campaign explains how our regreening projects work and shows the results after just a few months. Dig | Green | Cool, it’s that simple.


Campaign 2018

Our 2018 campaign shows the positive results of our projects in Kenya and how our method works. The message we want to share is that large-scale regreening not only has a positive impact on the climate, it also contributes directly to water and food security, biodiversity and the promotion of the local economy.

The campaign is only available in Dutch.


Campaign 2017

Justdiggit’s 2017 campaign shows our work and the results of one of our projects in Kenya. It shows with real images the difference of regreening after only 8 months, from dry to green and fertile land.


Campaign 2016

The 2016 campaign linked the green shovel to the projects that we are developing, as well as the warming of the earth and other Sustainable Development Goals.


Campaign 2013

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a South African human rights activist. For his efforts against apartheid he received the Nobel Peace Prize. He is the patron and an indefatigable ambassador for Justdiggit.

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Campaign 2021, Germany


Campaigns in Africa

With the help of our media partners, who have been supporting us for years, we have already been visible on many television screens and billboards in Europe, but where it is even more important to show our impact? Exactly… where the projects take place: Africa!

Thanks to our great international media partners Kinetic, Havas Lemz, JCDecaux, and MacLoud, we can now be heard on Tanzanian radio in Swahili! But not only that, the Tanzanian streets also turn green with our billboards. All this media space is offered completely through sponsorships.

Kijanisha Dodoma iwe Poa means: “A greener Dodoma is a cooler Dodoma!”

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