It is time to spread
the word and
spread the green

Our aim is to make the world aware that nature-based solutions are the key to reversing climate change, and to inspire everyone to take part in making that change happen.

Over the last decade, we have proven that it is possible to regreen degraded landscapes in sub-Saharan Africa quickly and efficiently. By inspiring more farmers with the positive impact on the land and the people, we are now moving to the next stage: disruptive regreening.

KaiOS Justdiggit

Farmers participating in our regreen-app pilot, Tanzania

  • 1. Regreening Programs
  • 2. Scaling up
  • 3. Global Awareness Campaigns

Regreening Programs

Our regreening programs ran on the ground in Africa use traditional scalable and easy-to-apply landscape restoration techniques. In order to further spread these techniques and scale up within our programs, we use media, data, technology and communications.

Together with communities and local partners, designated areas are regreened in a quick, sustainable way. This improves livelihoods, and positively impacts biodiversity and climate change. At the same time, these programs are where new ideas and innovations are tested and evaluated.

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Scaling up through the power of communication & technology

We know that regreening works and we know how it works.

The next step is to share this knowledge, using (mobile) technology to inspire, educate and empower farmers to restore their own land using simple techniques, without the need for a physical presence on the ground. Thanks to the enormous growth and penetration of internet and mobile technology in Africa, we can now enable farmers anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa to regreen their land. 

Taking a picture of the bund

Global Awareness Campaigns

If the planet is to cool down in one decade, everyone needs to be in on the change and Justdiggit needs to be visible everywhere: In news, ads, social channels, conversations, and above all in people’s hearts and minds.

Through the power of media and communications we can create awareness and understanding and offer real solutions in the face of climate change. Our global online and offline awareness campaigns are developed to promote nature-based solutions and to inspire, unite and empower an entire generation, growing a landscape restoration movement.

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