Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has been fighting for equal human rights for many years. For his efforts against apartheid, he received the Nobel Peace Prize. He is the patron and tireless ambassador for Justdiggit.


André Kuipers

Dutch Astronaut André Kuipers saw the beauty and vulnerability of our planet from space. The realization that a sustainable future is something we can only create by protecting the limited natural resources on Earth, led him to support Justdiggit.


Floortje Dessing

She has seen the beauty of planet Earth in many different places, as TV host Floortje Dessing travelled the world to show beautiful destinations everywhere for her shows. During these trips, she noticed that some parts of the world clearly degrade. Floortje supports Justdiggit to stop the decay of these areas and to see them blossom for future generations.


Reinier van den Berg

Weatherman Reinier van den Berg knows exactly how climate and environment affect our own wellbeing. The way weather and climate influence each other is a topic he specializes in, and that is exactly why he became an ambassador for Justdiggit. He is a sought after speaker and is able to explain Justdiggit’s story in an inspiring and fun way.


Jonathan Karpatios

We are beyond proud, one of the best Dutch chef’s is an ambassador of Justdiggit. Jonathan is chef and owner of restaurant Vork & Mes, where he cooks delicious meals with whole foods, found at local farmers and his own four hectare garden, all natural and without pesticides. He won the prestigious prize “Gouden Garde” (Golden Whisk) for his beautiful cookbook in 2013. ‘The approach of Justdiggit is very appealing to me. As a chef, I’m very engaged in nature and healthy soils. When I see what kind of impact desertification has on our earth, I’m happy I can support Justdiggit to do something about it!’

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Amara Onwuka

Since early 2016 weather expert, tv presenter and artist Amara Onwuka has become our ambassador. In 2015 she was the winner of Expedition Robinson and found out once again how important nature is to survive. Together with her years of experience in meteorology and her passion for nature she decided to support Justdiggit.