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We believe it’s about time that socially and environmentally conscious businesses got together to restore degraded ecosystems so we can cool down our planet together. That’s why we have created something new: bunds as a force for good.

From now on, B-Corps can directly contribute to our farmer-led landscape restoration projects in Sub-Saharan Africa by buying bunds. These bunds – ‘Earth Smiles’ as we like to call them – do not just benefit millions of farmers and cool down the planet. They will also help you on your own impact journey. Let us explain how!


We believe in the power of nature. That’s why we regreen dry land in African landscapes with nature-based solutions – and it works! Regreening degraded landscapes has a massive impact on food and water security, biodiversity, ecosystems and the climate. So by buying bunds, you directly contribute to creating healthier ecosystems and more climate-resilient communities. There are also some benefits for your business:

Bunds for B-corp Tanzania

Improve your B-Corp score

Donating 2% of your revenue or 20% of your profit annually can earn you 12-25 points for your next assessment. This will help you to keep making a difference in the future!

Bunds for B-corp Tanzania

Enhanced brand reputation

By supporting our bund projects, you demonstrate a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship. This can enhance your brand reputation and make you an inspiration for other companies to take care of the planet as well.

Bunds for B-corp Tanzania

Healthy ecosystems benefit business

No matter your geographical location, business model, or dependence on natural resources – we all benefit from thriving ecosystems because nature and the economy are interconnected. It’s that simple.


Bunds are one of our most important regreening techniques. Together with farmers and pastoralists in our programme areas, we use bunds to regreen large areas of degraded land quickly and sustainably.

We are currently active with our bund projects in four landscapes in Kenya: Amboseli, Chyulu, South Rift and our Northern landscape.



As a B-Corp, you can help increase our impact by buying bunds. One bund costs 8 euros and regreens around 124 m2 of degraded land. This means that even with a tiny investment, your company already restores an area the size of a midsized apartment. Now imagine what would happen if businesses worldwide truly joined forces to regreen our planet!


We love working together with like-minded people and organisations. That’s why we are proud partners of a variety of B-Corps that support our landscape restoration projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. All the brands we collaborate with have one thing in common: they directly contribute to a greener and cooler planet.

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