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Looking for a green gift for your clients, partners, or other B2B-related giftings? You came to the right place!

There are two ways of gifting: waterbunds and trees. Both include updates and the impact being made. Good luck choosing your gift!

Ways of gifting

Corporate gifting bundvoucher

Water bunds

Gifting a water bund

Once the voucher code is claimed, you will be able to see the farmer who dug the bund, when he dug it, and a picture of the bund(s). Additionally, the impact and the regreened square meters are immediately visible! 

Waterbunds are half-moon-shaped pits that collect rainwater. This provides the water to slowly sink into the ground and reach seeds and roots. By digging bunds, we can regreen large areas in a very short amount of time, benefiting biodiversity, nature, people, and – eventually our climate.

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Treebytree gifting trees


Gifting trees with Treebytree

Our partner Treebytree has made gifting trees into an extraordinary digital experience. Now you can turn corporate gifting into gifting back, and take concrete action against climate change.

You get insight into geolocation, tree species, CO2 sequestering, water retention and you even get to know the local famers. For trees you gift. And for those you receive. For up to twenty years. Now that’s a gift that keeps on growing.

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