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Regreening and restoring degraded land is simple and effective! By using easy techniques, you can quickly grow back vegetation and create healthier soil for your crops, or sustainable grasses for your livestock. Feeling inspired? Dig in and start regreening your land today, together with thousands of other farmers and pastoralists.

Do you want to understand how and why your land has become dry and infertile, and how restoration techniques such as Kisiki Hai and digging bunds can help? Take a look at our documentaries.

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Did you know regreening is pretty easy? It is mostly a matter of picking the right technique for the right type of land. Learn all about the different techniques we use to make dry land green again.

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Together with Farm Radio International and Dodoma FM we have developed a special farm radioshow. Within the show you learn more about climate change, the positive effects of Kisiki Hai and how to do it yourself.

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Before you start regreening, it is important to understand your environment, the land and the weather. Once you know what your type of landscape (and land use) is, learn all about what technique best suits you on greener.LAND.

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Posting your successes via social media can also help to inspire other farmers and pastoralists. Share a picture of your newly regreened land and tell people about the advantages of regreening. Take a look at our Instagram or Facebook page for inspiration! Need help? Let’s get in touch.

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Do you want to regreen your own land? We can give you a hand. Our range of materials (instruction videos, how-to-regreen animations and more) can help get you started.

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