The Justdiggit College

Primary school students are the first generation that really face the consequences of climate change and the last generation to do something about it… Therefore, we developed a Justdiggit College with cool experiments and assignments!

In this course, students will learn about the importance of CO2, soil, water, biodiversity and Justdiggit’s solution. With this knowledge, we hope to inspire and motivate children to think about healthy ecosystems and how they can become part of a green revolution.

Do you want to join? You can download the program for free! Note: currently only available in Dutch.

Justdiggit in the classroom: inspiring examples

Collage kids Zehrah EN

Example 1

A presentation about Justdiggit in the classroom

The class of elementary school teacher Zehrah was assigned to make an informative poster about deforestation. This way they learned more about the consequences of cutting down trees, but also about the solution: bringing back green! Below you can see a collection of the winning posters.

Image Global-Education website

Example 2

An interactive theater workshop

Partner Global-Education made an educational and interactive theater workshop inspired by the regreening projects of Justdiggit. During the workshop, high school students learn more about regreening and the impact of landscape restoration on different Sustainable Developments Goals. This way they become aware of the green footprint they can take on the earth.

This workshop is the perfect example of how also the younger generation can join our regreening movement! Got inspired and want to start your own educational program? Keep us up to date! We love these kinds of initiatives. Read all about the workshop here.

Educational videos

Meester Boy

Watch Meester Boy's classes