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We are regreening Africa with simple nature-based techniques, hand in hand with local NGOs and farmers. We’re doing this in order to cool down the planet and restore livelihoods and essential biodiversity. Want to lend a hand?


Jingle Jam

This year, from 1st -14th of December 2023, we are teaming up with the biggest charity gaming event in the world, the Jingle Jam, to raise awareness that greener land makes a cooler planet.

We are on a mission to recruit creators like you to help raise awareness and money to fund the regreening of African landscapes. To get involved, we would be thrilled if you would stream for us during the event! Any of your subscribers who donate to Justdiggit receive a games collection worth up to one thousand pounds.

Join the Discord server and set your role to Justdiggit to join our chat!

The games package

Remember, the Jingle Jam is different than all other charity streaming events, as those who donate receive a game bundle worth over 1000 Euros.

To get the games package you donate 35 pounds to the Justdiggit Tiltify page or through one of our fundraisers. It has an epic collection of quality PC games! This reward includes Steam keys for over 70 full games with a value of over £1,000 and is limited to 100,000 copies.


What are the steps to get involved?

Did we succeed into making you hyped for the Jingle Jam? Read here what the next steps are and how to become a streamer for Justdiggit between the 1st and 14th of December 2023.

Activate and engage your community during the Jingle Jam

Stream whenever you want during the event (Dec. 1-Dec. 14)!

Kisiki Hai Treecovery

Joining the event and helping to regreen our beautiful planet is easy! 

During the event, stream away, as many times as you like, and with as many people as you like. Our team would be happy to join you on stream to talk about what we do, or even play a round.

Followers donate simply via your own Tiltify page – see all our fundraisers here.

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We would be stoked if you would join in streaming for us during this event! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions.