Kisiki Hai I

Get Inspired!

Within this educational movie you learn all about the positive effects of Treecovery, or “Kisiki Hai” in Swahili. Jonah, a farmer living in the Dodoma region, visits the farmer Augustino, who is practicing Kisiki Hai on his land for many years. Jonah finds out that bringing back trees on your land can make your land green and fertile again, making it much easier to grow crops. Want to know how a land full of trees could look like? Watch the Kisiki Hai I movie!


Kisiki Hai II

Get started!

Within Kisiki Hai II you learn the four different steps of Kisiki Hai, enabling you to apply it on your own land. You learn a memory aid, making sure you can remember all the steps easily. A new regreening technique is also introduced, Fanya Juu and Fanya Chini, helping you to capture the rainwater falling on your land. This increases the water availability for the crops, making sure it can grow well. Watch this educational movie and get started yourself!