Roadshow movie – Kisiki Hai II

07 June 2019

After a successful first movie (that reached 324 villages and about 200,000 people in the Dodoma region in Tanzania), it’s time for a follow-up! We’re going back to the villages in Dodoma with a new movie road show.

Where Kisiki Hai I was meant to inspire and bring awareness under the farmers, in Kisiki Hai II it’s about understanding and activating! Farmers learn the 4 steps of Kisiki Hai (from stump to tree) and get an introduction to a new regreening technique: Fanya Juu & Fanya Chini: How to dig contours on their farm, which will prevent soil erosion and improve water availability for plants in the farms.

Curious? Watch the film here!

Documentary Rainmakers III: A Tanzanian Story

26 March 2019

You might expect it to be a story about digging, but it’s not, it’s about Kisiki Hai! A story about spreading an idea that teaches us to value our environment so that tree stumps can grow to become actual trees.

Campaigns in Africa

19 July 2018

Justdiggit’s radio spot in Swahili, with edited content of our educational Kisiki Hai film.

Kijanisha Dodoma iwe Poa means: “A greener Dodoma is a cooler Dodoma!”

Documentary Seeds of Change – Rainmakers 2

21 February 2018

Whereas Rainmakers showed the start of Justdiggit’s projects and the necessity of it, Seeds of Change shows the progress made and how re-greening benefits all.

Kisiki Hai film

07 March 2018

An inspirational and educational movie for the farmers in Central Tanzania. It shows them how they can improve and re-green their agricultural land.

Justdiggit’s Hydrologic Corridor

23 November 2017

Justdiggit’s Hydrologic Corridor gives an explanation of our system approach.

The Justdiggit approach

23 November 2017

The Justdiggit approach shows how and why we restore the planet.

Justdiggit 2017 Campaign

23 November 2017

Justdiggit’s 2017 Campaign shows our work and results of one of our projects in Kenya.

Documentary Rainmakers

23 November 2017

This short Justdiggit documentary shows the project in progress, digging 72.000 bunds in Kenya to harvest rainwater and restore the degraded lands.

Justdiggit 2016 Campaign

23 November 2017

Justdiggit’s 2016 Campaign shows why it is important to cool down our planet.


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