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Air Miles Charity Partner

June 1, 2017
From June 1 2017 Justdiggit has become an official charity partner of Air Miles. Air Miles is the oldest and largest national loyalty program in The Netherlands and has millions of participants. Air Miles allows consumers to save and redeem Air Miles at many different well know Dutch retailers

NRC Charity Awards Nominations

April 6, 2017
We are nominated for the NRC Charity Awards! The Dutch Newspaper NRC launched these awards to support charities to reach a bigger audience and attract more donors. Every nominated charity will work together with students at the Willem de Kooning Academie to create a communication campaign. These

SDG Charter

March 29, 2017
Fantastic news! Justdiggit has teamed up with the SDG Charter. This is a collaboration of Dutch businesses, NGO’s and the government that work together to tackle global issues and meet the Sustainable Development Goals. As the Justdiggit projects have a direct and positive impact on many of

New Advisory Board Member

February 13, 2017
We are very proud to announce a new member of our Advisory Board: Dennis Kuperus – CEO Kinetic Benelux & Nordic and Global Head of Innovation. Dennis Kuperus has been working in the media for over 25 years. He started at the agency side at media agency MEC Amsterdam, where as managing

Special weather forecast

January 31, 2017
Have you watched the weather forecast today? We sure did! Presenter, weather expert and our ambassador Amara Onwuka did a special forecast on climate change and Justdiggit’s solution to mitigate it. It’s been broadcasted on RTLZ and we received a lot of positive reactions on this short

Project eARTh U.S.A.

January 30, 2017
In March our eARTh project will be exhibited thanks to Misho from Misho Gallery in San Francisco! Misho himself made his own beautiful design of our icon: the shovel. Together with other ‘shovel designs’ by renowned American artists as Johnny Botts, John Kraft,  Yari Ostovani, Paul

Justdiggit Squash Event

January 21, 2017
Thanks to the great initiative and organizing of  Teampower the Justdiggit Squash Event was a great success. Besides exposure and a positive vibe € 1.910 has been raised for Justdiggit. Squash champions Laurens Jan Anjema, Robert Jan Anjema, Lucas Buit, Tommy Berden, Sebastiaan Weenink,

Ranger patrol

January 15, 2017
Ranger patrol! Despite the fact that we finished some projects in Kenya, we still keep an eye on the area together with the Maasai Conservation Wilderness Trust. Since the 1st of July, our rangers have been doing an excellent job by patrolling the area to protect it e.g. from poachers and cattle

Overview campaign 2016

January 2, 2017
Besides our projects, we’re also very proud of our “Cooling down the planet” campaign in 2016 and the fully sponsored media reach that goes with it! We were able to reach millions of people in different countries via TV, radio, Out-of-home, cinema and online. Thanks to our many

Documentary Rainmakers

December 30, 2016
Our short documentary “Rainmakers” is online! It’s the first video in a series that shows the progress of our projects. A special thanks to our partners Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust and Amboseli Ecosystem Trust who made this possible. And to Safi Graauw and Marc Haers for

Kuku in the raining season

December 25, 2016
We’ve just received these pictures from Kenya and we are extremely proud to show them! You can clearly see the bunds we have dug are retaining the rainwater and allow vegetation to grow back. These photo’s show hard work pays off. And it hasn’t even rained a

Interview Belafonte with ambassador André Kuipers & Co-founder Dennis Karpes

December 2, 2016
Another great interview with our co-founder Dennis Karpes. This time in luxury magazine Belafonte, together with our amazing ambassador André Kuipers. It’s no less than 9 pages long, so grab a nice cup of coffee or tea and read all about Justdiggit’s projects and movement,

Webinar Microclimate Friday December 2

December 2, 2016
It’s the microclimate! You didn’t see? In global climate change discussions, all the talk is about adaptation and mitigation. Measures need to be taken to prepare communities for rising temperatures and extreme weather, while ways should be found to sequester more carbon from the air.

Blog Mark Wildschut – Morocco

November 15, 2016
The chaos surrounding the Medina (old town) caught me by surprise whilst I disembarked the bus from the Marrakesh airport. A Somewhat elderly man riding a cart and wagon was non-verbally communicating with a group of honking youngsters on their scooters which continued maneuvering agile between the