‘Green Your Fleet’ platform is now live!

13 October 2020
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Today our partner Webfleet Solutions launches the Green Your Fleet platform. This platform provides an easy-to-use tool that supports fleet customers to offset their carbon emissions to make a positive climate impact.

Webfleet Solutions has already partnered up with us since 2019 to offset its own carbon emissions. The Green Your Fleet initiative is part of Webfleet Solutions’ Green Mission to help build a more sustainable future: with this platform the company aims to offset the carbon emissions from its customers as well. 


Bringing green back with help of grazing management

27 August 2020

Justdiggit is mostly known for digging to capture rainwater and re-growing trees, but did you know we use other regreening techniques as well? One of those being: grazing management. How does this work? 


We’re going to start digging again!

12 August 2020
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We’re going to start digging bunds again in our project area in Enkii, Kenya! Because of an exceptionally long rainy season (mid November to mid March) and COVID-19 we had to postpone the digging. Together with our partner MWCT (Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust) we have developed a protocol that makes it possible to dig bunds in a safe way. 



Meet our new colleague: Samwel Jakinda

15 July 2020

Meet Samwel Jakinda: our new technical support on landscape restoration! Samwel has years of experience in facilitating community development within pastoral communities.  As of now, he will put these great skills to use within u our projects in Kenya!


Building a landscape restoration enterprise

02 July 2020

Over the past years we’ve successfully demonstrated the potential of landscape restoration activities in the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem. Our projects show the positive impacts these restoration activities have on the environment, society and the local economy. Now we want to take this to the next level, by transforming our grass seed banks into self-sustainable landscape restoration enterprises. Let us explain to you how this works! 


A green oasis in Enkii

10 June 2020

Spot the differences! Within only three months time, the Enkii area in Kuku Kenya has turned into a green oasis. An estimation: 80% of the bare soil in this area is now covered with vegetation. Not only inside the bunds vegetation has grown back, the area surrounding the bunds also gets increasingly greener. How this works?

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Update on our COVID-19 guidelines

18 May 2020
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As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, we are responding in several ways. Here’s a short update on our current approach in regards to the virus & our projects



Dipole causes extreme rainfall

11 May 2020

Last January it rained more than twice as much as usual in our project area in Kuku, Kenya: 91 mm instead of the regular 40 mm. This excessive rainfall was caused by an unusually strong Indian Ocean Dipole (also known as the Indian Niño). Read all about how this dipole works!


Justdiggit goes UK

08 May 2020
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The Regreen Revolution is going to start in the UK soon! Our new colleague Stuart Taylor will help us to spread the mission of Justdiggit the UK as well. 


Drink & Support Justdiggit

23 April 2020
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Our brand-new partner IZY Bottles sells special “I Support Justdiggit” thermos flasks! These bottles aren’t just sustainable, but their Justdiggit flasks also help you support Justdiggit as 100% of the profit is going to our regreening projects!

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