September 15, 2023

24 hours of walking for a greener and sustainable future

If you’ve ever been to Vondelpark in Amsterdam, you’ll know that it is everyone’s go-to place to picnic, cycle, jog, or enjoy nature and wind down from the busy city life. However, some people are built differently. They decided on Vondelpark as the perfect location for a non-stop 24-hour walk while raising insane amounts of money for the benefit of our planet. Of course, we are talking about the legends over at 24 The Planet!

Last weekend, this collection of co-workers, friends, and nature lovers got together for their unique mission. 52 awesome people joined in for a 24-hour walk, with hardly any rest in between. Their day-and-night journey was a true spectacle to behold: many people spontaneously dropped by to cheer the group on, and original ‘mini-events’ were organised along the way to break the 24 hours into smaller blocks, which allowed the team to regroup and kept the spirits high. 

These silent discos, pub quizzes, and other fun activities should not distract us from the real struggle that went into this achievement. Much blood, sweat, and tears were dropped and blisters popped to make it to the finish line, twenty-four long and hot hours after taking those first steps on Friday. What an incredible way to show support for a cause you believe in!

Over 65k for the regreening of our planet!

Luckily, all those blisters haven’t been in vain. In fact, the end result is as impressive as the venture itself: 24 The Planet raised €65,422 up until now, way more than their originally targeted 50k.

We want to thank every ‘Vondelwalker’ who helped to make this happen. We are truly grateful for your incredible accomplishment and support for our projects. It enables us to hold up our part of this ‘deal’: regreening land in Africa to cool down our planet!